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  • Twin Rou: The Enigma of Black,Red,and Green

Twin Rou: The Enigma of Black,Red,and Green

Twin Rou: The Enigma of Black,Red,and Green

The Festival Nottingham, which will open its doors for players in just 9 days at Dusk Till Dawn, has consistently prioritized providing a diverse range of entertainment besides poker during its previous stops. This year's first-time visit to Nottingham is no exception. In our previous article, we introduced the Blackjack tournament, and now it's time for the Roulette tournament to take center stage.

Meet Twin number Two - Rou aka Roulette

Roulette is a casino game which was initially invented by the French. The meaning of roulette in French is ‘little wheel’. In this game there are so many different kinds of bets you can put, that often it is hard to find out what is the best way of mastering this amazing casino game. Don’t you worry, with this tournament format you will have plenty of starting chips, and with its unique set up, there is enough room for mistakes here and there. But pay good attention, as at the end of the road you need to have collected the most chips of all contestants!

Do you want to be fully prepared? Make sure to check out all tournament rules in regards of this unique Roulette tournament by following the link below:

During our previous events we have had multiple winners. Curious, who are those who know from their sleep whether it will be black or red, or what number the next ball will land on?

Previous Roulette Tournament winners:

Walter Brunfeldt: "I had no expectations for this tournament, but as it went on, I started thinking more strategically and watching what my opponents were doing. It's important to start doing this from the very first spin, as it's one of the foundations for winning."

Mats Palokangas: I've been playing poker for decades and the roulette tournament was a good change from the usual poker game. Since we made a deal at the final table, there wasn't much of a big game in the final and I hit the number with the last spin, which secured the win for me. I am happy that I hit it because that's what you need to do to win.

Tommi Heinonen: Being the first winner of the roulette tournament is a unique experience. I don't remember much about it, but I remember that it was very cool and entertaining. There was fun, and a game and the prize pool was also pretty decent, so I was even surprised that it was possible to win something with it.

Experience Excitement with Roulette Tournaments - An Alternative to Poker Tournaments

In conclusion, the roulette tournament is a good break from poker tournaments where you often have to sit for hours or even days without getting good starting hands. There's always something happening in a roulette tournament, and the situation can change dramatically after every spin. To see just how dramatically, you can read more about it below.

1. spin0-green. 7-red
2. spin10-black25-red
3. spin28-black36-red

Franke"I am so good at counting numbers. 0-green, 10-black, 28-black. The next one is red I guess..,"

Mike, an amateurish and struggling player: "Me too. If you won't start hitting the numbers against me, then soon it´s time to start counting my blessings... tooth by tooth. 1, 2, 3... Cavity-free!"

Storyteller: "Once upon a time, there was an incident where two men played roulette against each other. After one man had hit the number ten times in a row and the other man had never hit, the second man became angry. He became so angry that the dealer, who initially didn't understand what was happening between the two players at the table, accidentally placed the two teeth that had fallen out of the first man's mouth as a bet on number 4. Of course, number 4 came up and the dealer only then realized, "Oh no, how am I going to pay out these 70 teeth now?"

Franke, Mike, and Storyteller are the fictional characters on our website, whose everyday activity is to bring a smile to the face of poker players, and whose story's facts have no connection to real-life events. Maybe if only Brenda and the IT-Nerd are speaking the truth.