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  • The Festival Series Meets- Florian aka ‘Just P’tit-Flo’ – Part I

The Festival Series Meets- Florian aka ‘Just P’tit-Flo’ – Part I

The Festival Series Meets- Florian aka ‘Just P’tit-Flo’ – Part I

The previous stop of The Festival Series found place at the Banco Casino in Bratislava. At the end of November, it was CasinoTogether who had send out a group of their online casino streamers to the capital city of Slovakia in regard to the new collaboration between CasinoTogether and The Festival Series. Several of these group members have a background in poker, and with visiting our live event, they went back to the environment where it all began for them. So it did for 'Just P'tit Flo', an energetic personality from France. Let's introduce him to the crowd!

Player NameAll Time Live Winnings
'Just P'tit Flo' $3,488

'Just P'tit Flo' comes from France and is making name for himself in the world of Vlogs and Online Streaming in his home country. We had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time in Bratislava, where he enjoyed the live poker scene together with his fellow friends of CasinoTogether, such as 'CholaPC' and 'ZoanZockt'. We followed him while he was playing the Main Event, in which he eventually made it to the money places! The group of streamers surely made it worthwhile in Bratislava, hyping up numerous of events, of which the slots tournament was the ultimate highlight of course!

Festival Series: Hi Florian! It was great to have seen you in Bratislava! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Florian: ''Hello! I'm Florian, also known as 'Just P'tit Flo'. 31 years young, dynamic and hyperactive! My origins are in France, in Lyon to be precise, and I am part of the entertainment world for many years beforehand as I was a professional stuntman for seven years. Recently, I moved to Malta and am residing now there for four years now and following my dreams.''

Festival Series: Malta right? We are heading back for the second consecutive year to Portomaso Casino! As a Maltese resident, how is the life over there?

Florian: ''Life here is calm and peaceful, the weather is great 10 months per year, and we're really lucky to live in the sun. But I'm not going to lie to you, I don't go outside anymore that often as I work so much, but they say work is good for your health... So let's keep it that way!''

The Festival: You made a name for yourself as an online personality, being involved in the slot games industry and online streaming. How did you end up going from stuntman to the digital world?

Florian: ''I've been a streamer for a few years now, and it's the trials and tribulations of life that have brought me to this point.

I had a serious illness at the age of 26 and I almost didn't have the chance to do this interview with you today because of that. I had bilateral pneumopathy, basically, my two lungs stopped working, but after a long battle, 8 days of resuscitation and 3 weeks of intensive care, here I am! Very present in this world and ready to take on as many projects as possible, without giving myself any limits in everything I do...

But unfortunately, this illness took away my previous reason to live, as I was on stage every day in front of thousands of spectators. But with what had happened to me, I could no longer exercise my profession as a professional stuntman, which as you can guess was very very very physical.''

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Festival Series: You are in the world of online gaming, the link to poker is easily set. What does poker mean to you?

Florian: ''Poker is a real passion for me, I've been playing for many years now, and I think it's obvious that I'll be playing this game for the rest of my life from now on. It's also a game that's allowed me to discover myself more fully and has even taught me to channel myself a little, which wasn't a foregone conclusion with my hyperactivity if you know what I mean!

Festival Series: You are collaborating with CasinoTogether recently and streaming online games. What are key points for you when doing vlogs and streams?

Florian: ''My ambition when it comes to content is to always create more, never get into a routine, and above all never stay in my comfort zone. That's why I created the YouTube channel and why I'm starting to make vlogs, which I've never done before!

I want to give as much as I can to my community, I want to share as much as I can too, I love to give and receive. I was taken off the stage because of my illness, but I've never given up, and I've created my own scene, that of Just_Ptit_Flo, and take my word for it that this is just the beginning!

My ultimate goal would be one day to be a radio or TV host. I love animation, I think it's in my blood and it's what makes me push myself every day!''

Florian aka 'Just P'tit Flo' made a vlog about his trip to The Festival Series Bratislava! In the second part of our interview with the French streamer, we will look back on this whole journey. Alongside his girlfriend, he made some awesome content and it is really interesting to see how one of the poker players has experienced the event from a great perspective!

Stay Tuned!!