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  • Ylva ‘Jevakim’ Thorsrud to Stream LIVE from The Festival Rozvadov

Ylva ‘Jevakim’ Thorsrud to Stream LIVE from The Festival Rozvadov

Ylva ‘Jevakim’ Thorsrud to Stream LIVE from The Festival Rozvadov

In time where Norwegian live poker ended up being in a whirlwind due to national regulations/restrictions, poker players of Norway often visit live poker series abroad. Despite restrictions on live poker, online poker is as hot as ever before, letting Ylva 'Jevakim' Thorsrud show her poker skills to a global crowd. Since shortly, she has added another topic to her assortment: Live poker streaming!

Let's get to it and see what our Friend of The Festival is having in mind for our next stop at King's Casino in Rozvadov.

Melvin, The Festival: Hi Ylva! We've had quite the gap between the previous event and our upcoming event in Rozvadov. Reason enough to grind the online satellites I would say! How did you experience this intermezzo? What are your first thoughts about our event at King's Casino Rozvadov?

Ylva 'Jevakim' Thorsrud: ''Hiya! I love the schedule for The Festival Rozvadov! Since I am a big fan of learning Mixed Games, it is perfect with the great variety of games and friendly buy-ins on the schedule. I also think this could be the best Hospitality schedule so far! I love the fact that we can play different games outside of poker, like Fussball and Darts for free during the Festival!

About the period leading up towards the Rozvadov stop: I feel there has been a great variety of different types of satellites. I have been streaming almost all of The Festival Choices on Tuesdays. I actually won a 900€ Choices Package 2 weeks ago. I also love the 550€ seat only satellites on Fridays, and took down a 550€ ME seat ticket a couple of Fridays ago. So I am ready for The Festival Rozvadov!''

Melvin, The Festival: You are streaming online poker for a while now, and have recently added an actual live poker stream to your assortment as well! How did you come up with that one? And what can expect in Rozvadov?

Jevakim: ''I got inspired to test out live streaming live poker after watching EbonyKenney streaming live from The Moneymaker Series, days before I went to Novibet Series in Thessaloniki. So I just turned on the stream and streamed five days from the Novibet Series. Ended the series with a 13-hour live stream from the 220€ side event with 200 entries until we chopped 3-ways in the end. Also fun to have Franke on my tables throughout the tournament, and unfortunately busting him out on 13th place!

After streaming the Novibet Series in Thessaloniki and EMPC + North Masters in Bratislava, I have learned that I get more motivated by this and that I play my best poker, when I have the community with me. Its also a very unique and personal way to show a big part of my life, when I play live poker. We play together, we go on breaks together, we talk with other players in the breaks and discuss hands together. It is an interactive and social way to be together with the community throughout these marathon weeks, as live poker sometimes can be.

So what you can expect on my stream from The Festival Rozvadov, is to follow me hands on, from start to the end every day I play poker the 10 days I am in Rozvadov 🙂 I stream Live with no delay, unfiltered, honest, through ups and downs! We will lose together, laugh together, learn together and hopefully we will get some deep runs together!''

Melvin, The Festival: What tournaments are you especially looking out for the most?

Jevakim: ''I am looking very forward to the 8-game, PLO8, 2-7TD, Main Event and Ladies Event!''

Note: What gives a perfect reflection of how professional and realistically Ylva takes everything, is the given fact that she asked to have the following paragraph included in the interview. There might be players feeling uncomfortable at a table where someone is streaming live content, or is not even familiar with 'livestreaming' at all. Don't you all worry, Ylva got everything sorted out perfectly and is very understanding to each and everyone:

Jevakim: ''Important thing to mention, when I stream from the poker table, I always angle the camera down to the table so I don't have it in the players faces. That would be wrong, since someone will be more in the picture than the rest, depending on my seat. I film all-ins and showdowns. I always inform the players about this, and show respect for the players. If it is a friendly table where we all know each other and they all want to be on the stream, I loosen up a bit (that happened a lot during EMPC in Bratislava). But I think it is very important when we do live stream from the poker table to respect the other players and the general rules. I also always look away from the chat when I am playing a hand, if I have more chips behind to respect the rule of 1 player 1 hand. I also post all the live streams from live poker on my stream channel, so players that have played on the table and want to see it in recording after, can do that. All my recorded content from live poker is on my channel for subscribers of my channel to see in replay.''

Melvin, The Festival: What does it take, in terms of equipment, to go streaming of live poker? It's very interesting what all comes with it. Can you elaborate a bit more so perhaps people might get interested in starting to stream themselves?

Jevakim: ''I have tested different types of microphone and stream light (when on breaks) ++ But I have come to the conclusion that the easiest equipment works the best. You need a good Smartphone to stream with, I use Samsung Galaxy S23+. You need a Selfie Stick to hold the Smartphone when you play. And you need a very good powerbank to keep your device charged as long as possible. That's all! It is practical to have a second phone to use when streaming, since you can not use the phone you are streaming from to answer messengers or phone calls. Live streaming is not for everyone. It does take a lot of energy to focus on playing and talking with the chat. For some it may be a distraction. For me it is motivating, as I feel I have to pay more attention to what happens on the table, so I have something to say to my audience. And when I pay more attention, I feel I play better.''

Equipment needs: Computer for setting up the stream info. Powerbank: Anker PowerCore Elite 25600 mAh 60w. Selfiestick. Streamlight. Røde microphone. Backup Powerbank. Extra Smartphone. And loads of chargers to charge it all up every night!

Melvin, The Festival: Your online streaming channel. What to expect in the coming period. (Fully to promote your channel)

Jevakim: ''I have been streaming my homegame every Tuesday and Friday for 4 years. Jevakims PLO 20€ on Tuesdays and Jevakims FridayFun 20€ (NLHE) at 20.00 CET, and it's open for all players on Coolbet. We also play cash games on the stream's private cash game tables, PLO and PLO8. I also stream general tournaments on Ipoker. And one Monday per month, we stream Leffern's Deepstack 20€ on 19.00 CET. I always stream live with no delay, many different guests, and the focus is on the social part and learning poker together! When I am in Norway, I always stream to this schedule, and when I travel to play poker, I now also stream live from the poker tables. You get all info for my streaming on my Facebook Group for the community: Jevakims Stream, and I also always post on Snapchat and Instagram''