The Festival Nottingham Day 5

The Festival Nottingham Day 5

The Festival in Nottingham Live Updates

Adam Sloane Wins a Package to The Festival Malta 18.02.2023 12:54 by The Festival Team

Adam Sloane won a package to The Festival Series Malta at Portomaso Casino from May 15-21 valued at €1,600.

There are many promotions happening here at Dusk Till Dawn including cash game players randomly selected to spin a wheel once per hour. A few of the spots contain packages while many others contain a cash prize. Sloane hit the jackpot and now we will see him at our next stop in Malta compliments of The Festival Series and Dusk Till Dawn.

Zhongming Liao Wins the £230 PLO Freezeout 18.02.2023 12:51 by The Festival Team

Zhongming Liao defeated Erik Hamre heads-up to win the £230 PLO Freezeout for £2,045. Congrats to Zhongming!

1Zhongming Liao£2,045
2Erik Hamre£1,595
3Alexandru Talica£990
4Toivo Ojasoo£600
5Allan Arjut£424
Bratislava Flips Champ Ian Vertefeuille Wins the Deepstack 18.02.2023 12:47 by The Festival Team

Ian Vertefeuille is attending The Festival Series Nottingham compliments of a package after winning Franke’s Flip Flops in Bratislava in the autumn.

The American has parlayed this into a victory in the £120 Deepstack on Friday for £2,045 after doing a heads-up deal with Jack Morrison. While Morrison didn’t collect the trophy he did win a bigger prize of £2,261.

The event attracted 103 entries to create a £9,991 prize pool.

1Ian Vertefeuille£2,045
2Jack Morrison£2,261
3Gatis Reigass£1,250
4Max Downdall£850
5Qadeer Ahmad£650
6Raivo Pinsel£500
8Karl Fenton£300
9Huong Dinh£250
10Yasir Khan£200
11Florin Chitan£200
12Rinalds Zimka£200
13Hans Trodal£175
14Marek Liiva£175
15Terence Nelson£175
End-of-Day 1d Chip Counts 18.02.2023 12:42 by The Festival Team
1Michael Obrien4,120,000
2Javed Akhtar2,770,000
3Nick Conlon2,370,000
4Simon Davidson1,650,000
5Gerges Issa1,540,000
6S O1,445,000
7I M1,370,000
8T L1,065,000
9P E1,060,000
10Daniel Schofield1,025,000
11Robert Douras990,000
12Bart Dil960,000
13R B920,000
14R G880,000
15Christopher Wellington710,000
16M H665,000
17Oskar Ojaveer435,000
18Simon Wilson425,000
Gangsta! 17.02.2023 23:30 by The Festival Team

We said we would close the blog for the night but we just learned about one hand recapped to us by Jake O’Leary that we felt must be shared.

O’Leary shared he didn’t look at his cards when he three-bet to 27,000. A player called to see a nine-eight-five rainbow flop. O’Leary looked at his cards and jammed for more than a starting stack. His opponent thought for a moment and folded.

O’Leary turned over six-deuce offsuit and the table went silent for a few moments.

“That’s gangsta!” said one player shortly after. O’Leary smiled and went out for a smoke break before hopping back to the table.

Jake O’Leary
Final Day 1c Chip Counts 17.02.2023 23:10 by The Festival Team

Check out the end-of-Day 1c chip counts below. This concludes the main portion of our coverage for today. We will post the Day 1d chip counts, the Day 2 seat draw, and results of today’s side events in the morning.

Best of luck to everyone still in action!

1Satnam Sandhu3,045,000
2Endrit Geci2,950,000
3Thomas Garment2,770,000
4Carlo Solazzo2,615,000
5Chris Cunliffe2,500,000
6Simon Griffon2,100,000
7Antonius Samuel1,860,000
8Luke Wilby1,825,000
9Ronnie Marland1,665,000
10Russell Tarbox1,640,000
11Verard Anreassen1,595,000
12Marius Morel1,565,000
13Aki Nevalinen1,525,000
14Arian Hassankashani1,300,000
15Stuart Griffith1,220,000
16Aaron Phillips1,180,000
17Philip Sewell1,020,000
18Soni Padovani1,010,000
19Mark Wagstaff1,005,000
20Oskar Wedde970,000
21Maz Maszlag950,000
22Gareth Wright820,000
23John Whetton810,000
24Jamie Holland795,000
26Ahmed Younes725,000
27Steven Taylor705,000
28Shaun Halliday640,000
29Eugen Margarit610,000
30Lars Eklund495,000
31Conor Oldroyd490,000
32Alexandru Talica490,000
33Viktor Popovic480,000
34Andras Balogh410,000
Meet Optibet Streamer Gatis Reigass 17.02.2023 22:57 by The Festival Team
Last Chance to Win The Festival Series Malta Package in Franke’s Flip Flops 17.02.2023 22:50 by The Festival Team

The final session of Franke’s Flip Flops are underway. The player that wins the most rake-free flips during the week not only will win a framed pair of Franke’s actual flip flops but also a package to The Festival Series Malta valued at €1,600 at Portomaso Casino from May 15-21.

Day 1c in the Books 17.02.2023 22:47 by The Festival Team

Day 1c has concluded with Day 1d still open for late registration. We will update with the end-of-Day 1c chip counts as soon as they are available.

Espen Sandvik Wins the Early TV Table; Epic TV Table Next 17.02.2023 22:25 by The Festival Team

WSOP Europe Bracelet winner Espen Sandvik just won the early Cash Game Challenge of the day. He notched a 444.8 big blind profit in the £2/£5 no-limit hold’em. This means Sandvik added another £2,224 to his bankroll.

Coming up next is the £5/£10/£25 no-limit hold’em Cash Game Challenge. This is the final one of the day. Sandvik is back in action alongside Richard Berridge, Ian Gascoigne, Kevin Brown, Adam Maxwell, Robert Nur, James Jagger, and Jakub Linden.

Good luck to all of the players in the final Cash Game Challenge session of The Festival Series Nottingham at Dusk Till Dawn.

Espen Sandvik
Espen Sandvik
Turbo Day 1d Begins 17.02.2023 22:11 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1d
Level 1: 1,000/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 60/60

The turbo Day 1d flight is underway. This is the final chance to bag chips into Day 2 of the Main Event.

Turbo flights are generally smaller that non-turbo flights but players have responded and the opening field was already at 60 entries!

Good luck to all the last-second players in the hunt for a bag.

Easy Game for Popovic 17.02.2023 21:38 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 15: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)
Entries: 41/224

Poker can be a cruel game but sometimes it depends on what side of the coin you are on. A bad beat for one player is always a friendly beat for another player. Let’s just say that Viktor Popovic has nothing to complain about after the following hand.

Popovic jammed for less than 10 big blinds and was called by Shaun Halliday.

Viktor Popovic: A 4
Shaun Halliday: A Q

Popovic was behind with his tournament life on the line and fell further behind after bricking both the 5 5 7 flop and the 10 turn. However, the 4 river was a completely different story as this connected with Popovic’s four for him to double up instead of hitting the rail.

Meanwhile, Day 1c the Main Event is just a handful of players away from stopping for the day with 41 players remaining and 34 players scheduled to advance to Day 2 already in the money.

Shaun Halliday – 900,000
Viktor Popovic – 560,000

Chat with OFC Champ Jon Kyte 17.02.2023 21:02 by The Festival Team
Franke’s Epic PLO Story 17.02.2023 20:57 by The Festival Team

The £230 PLO Freezeout will begin shortly. The Festival Series founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk is among the players planning to join in the action which reminds us of one of the most epic stories this author personally had covering an event.

About five years ago, Franke entered a PLO event. It was a lethal combination of Franke playing well and connecting with his hands.

With three players left, Franke opts to leave the table. He had about 85% of the chips in play. Let’s just say this isn’t a recommended activity but this doesn’t stop here.

Franke decides he wants to have a beer with this reporter before getting back into the action. OK, you might be thinking, this isn’t that bad but there is still more.

“I think I will enter the Main Event,” Franke told me at this time. “Seems like the smart thing to do and I can go back and forth.”

“Why not finish off playing the PLO event?” I asked.

Without giving an answer Franke was already at the cashier to buy a Main Event ticket. He entered and played for probably about 20 minutes before he lost his stack.

Franke went back to get another beer for both of us but I reminded him that he was still in the PLO event.

Very soon after, Franke went back to his PLO table and still had more than 60% of the chips in play. He offered a deal and both players declined. One hand later, Franke took out one player.

Franke offered a deal straight after to the remaining player. It was instantly declined and Franke took out that player in one hand as well to win the title.

Celebrations were in order. Franke ordered a round of beer for everyone that was within shouting distance and generously left a hefty tip for the staff.

While I don’t remember all stories from all events, this one I will remember for life. Best of luck to Franke and all of the players in the PLO Freezeout.

Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk
Crash on Soner’s Sofa During The Festival Series Malta 17.02.2023 20:39 by The Festival Team
Photos from the Freezeout by Super Mairo 17.02.2023 20:32 by The Festival Team

Our photographer Mairo Toom has been at it once again. The superstar just shared with the media team his latest batch of photos. Check out some of the faces from the £120 Freezeout.

“Good Game, Good Luck” 17.02.2023 20:26 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 13: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)
Entries: 61/224

Glen Wilson has been in some amazing photos this week. He also is a friendly dude at the tables as well. Unfortunately, he will have to try again in Day 1d if he wishes to make Day 2 and finish in the money in the Main Event.

Wilson three-bet jammed for about 15 big blinds from the big blind and was snap-called by John Whetton.

Glen Wilson: 8 8
John Whetton: K K

Wilson got no love from the 2 Q 7 6 5 board and was out of chips.

“Good game,” said Wilson before leaving the table. “Good luck!”

In addition to Whetton, two other players had more than 1 million in chips.

In other news, Betfred qualifier Julie Whitworth just lost her short stack at another table.

Carlo Solazzo – 1.8 million
John Whetton – 1.3 million
Margarit Eugen – 1.1 million
Glen Wilson – 0

Glen Wilson
Glen Wilson
Cash Game Challenge Begins 17.02.2023 19:45 by The Festival Team

The Cash Game Challenge has kicked off on the live stream with stakes at £2/£5 no-limit hold’em.

Currently, Daniel Hong is on top of the Cash Game Challenge leaderboard after winning 1,103.6 big blinds or £5,518 in a different £2/£5 no-limit hold’em.

Including this stream, there are just two Cash Game Challenges remaining. The player that wins the most big blinds out of any of the Cash Game Challenges will be crowned the winner of the challenge and be rewarded with a package valued at €1,600 to The Festival Series Malta at Portomaso Casino from May 15-21.

All of the Cash Game Challenge streams have provided entertaining moments. This one will likely be no different. Check out the action by clicking on the Stream tab in our coverage.

Espen Sandvik
Espen Sandvik
Wrong Time to be a Hero 17.02.2023 19:20 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 11: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 86/224

There is little sexier than a correct hero call in poker. Sometimes, you feel like you have a good read and go for it. However, sometimes your read isn’t as good as you think it is. That was the case in the following hand and it is hard to judge the hero call as we don’t know the history of the two players involved the hand.

Ronnie Marland jammed for 144,000 into a pot of 260,000 with the Q 3 3 9 2 on the board. Thomas Garment used one time bank card before he opted to call.

Marland quickly turned over K Q for the top pair. Garment attempted a hero call with K J and the pot was awarded to Marland.

Ronnie Marland – 550,000
Thomas Garment – 450,000

Day 1c Photos of the Main Event 17.02.2023 19:06 by The Festival Team
Main Event by the Numbers 17.02.2023 18:41 by The Festival Team

The Main Event has attracted 491 entries during the first three opening flights. This means it is just nine players away from meeting the guarantee. The final figures will be known later today but here is a look at where we stand thus far.

Day 1a12919
Day 1b13821
Day 1c22434
Day 1d??????
Freezeout Off to a Hot Start 17.02.2023 18:23 by The Festival Team

Level 2: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 78/78

The £120 Freezeout is off to a hot start with 78 entries and counting. Aniika Anni, Tom Baker, Colin Bidwell, Guts’ Jonathan Briscoe, Sascha Manns, and James McLaren are among the early entrants.

Good luck to everyone in the Freezeout!

34 Players to Advance Via Day 1c 17.02.2023 18:13 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 9: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 118/224

Day 1c attracted 224 entries to bring the total field size up to 491 entries and counting. This means the £200,000 guarantee will be smashed with the turbo-charged Day 1d still yet to come tonight.

A total of 34 players are scheduled to advance to tomorrow’s Day 2 from the Day 1c field with at least a min-cash in their pockets.

Day 4 Highlights 17.02.2023 17:39 by The Festival Team
“I Didn’t Bust….. Yet” 17.02.2023 17:35 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 9: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 133/223

Day 1c of the Main Event is on its second break. Late registration will be closed after the break. One player coming back is Jacob Dideriksen-Nielsen. JDN won the Heads Up event back at The Festival Series Bratislava but has yet to make a deep run in the Main Event. Maybe this is the time the trend is broken.

We asked JDN how things were going.

“Well, Jason,” began JDN. “I didn’t bust, yet.”

JDN has a great sense of humor and, of course, he is planning to make it until Day 2 and beyond.

Jacob Dideriksen-Nielsen – 350,000

Oldest Pub in England 17.02.2023 17:21 by The Festival Team

Earlier today, players with the hospitality package enjoyed a visit to the oldest pub in England called the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Here is a look at some of he photos by The Festival Series photographer Mairo Toom.

Worst Luck for Wurtz 17.02.2023 16:39 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 7: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 155/208

Kasper Wurtz had a decent run in a few events including taking 15th place in the £120 PokerListings Championship and collecting nine bounties in the £120 Knockout tournament.

The Main Event has been a different story as he is currently on the rail debating whether to get back into Day 1c or hop into tonight’s turbo Day 1d.

“I have had bad luck in the Main Event,” shared Wurtz. “I always make a Day 2 in either a Main Event or a Mini Main Event. This time it has been a bit more difficult.”

Wurtz has been entertaining throughout the week. Sometimes when he makes a correct call we can hear “Ding, ding, ding, I got so lucky,” or something similar.

Best of luck for Wurtz if he decides to hop back into the Main Event.

Meanwhile, the Day 1c flight has already surpassed 200 entries! Late registration will close in about an hour, so this figure will continue to grow.

Kasper Wurtz
Tarique Imam Wins the Short Deck 17.02.2023 16:33 by The Festival Team

The £230 Short Deck event was a quick one with 10 entries getting into the mix. Tarique Imam was crowned the champion and won the £1,050 top prize after agreeing to a heads-up deal with James McLaren. McLaren collected £890 for his efforts.

1Tarique Imam£1,050
2James McLaren£890
Stromberg & Ojasoo Win Football Tickets 17.02.2023 16:13 by The Festival Team

The Festival Series hosted a random draw among players with the hospitality package for free football tickets to see Nottingham Forest vs. Manchester City.

The first player selected was Coolbet qualifier Simon Stromberg. A short while later, Paf qualifier Toiva Ojasoo won the second available ticket.

Congrats to Stromberg and Ojasoo and enjoy the match!

Toivo Ojasoo
Toivo Ojasoo
Various Early Big Stack From Day 1c 17.02.2023 15:53 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 5: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 155/183

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Shaun Halliday600,000200
Vegard Andreassen590,000197
John Farrell550,000183
Sonia Padovani550,000183
Andrew Tuxworth460,000153
Aaron Philips450,000150
Bowman Wishes He Waited 17.02.2023 15:49 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 5: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 152/176

The Day 1c field has grown to 176 entries. Players are back from their first break. One player wished he had waited until after the break to late-enter Day 1c.

“I entered Day 1c just before the break,” shared PokerListings Championship Russell Bowman during the break. “I played exactly one hand and lost 5,500 chips. I called a raise with ace-five suited. A few other players called behind. Another player jammed their entire stack. I folded and was left with less than what I started with.”

To make matters worse for Bowman, he was sitting in the big blind after the break which cost another 6,000 chips. That being said, this isn’t many chips in the grand scheme. Good luck to Bowman and the rest of the players in Day 1c.

Russell Bowman – 188,500

Russell Bowman
Last Night of Flips 17.02.2023 15:04 by The Festival Team

Today will be the last day you can get onto the Franke Flip Flops leaderboard. We have been hosting rake-free flips into events from 9 p.m. until 11 p.m. every night during The Festival Series Nottingham.

Alexandru Talica still remains on top of the leaderboard after winning six flips! The player that wins the most flips will win a package to The Festival Series Malta valued at €1,600 from May 15-21 at Portomaso Casino.

Good luck to all the flippers and check out the leaderboard through last night below.

PlayerFlips Won
Alexandru Talica6
Vasile Margarit4
Mick Smith3
Allan Arjut3
Isaac Barker3
Ole Wasenius3
William Lynch2
Lindsay Smith2
Oystein Brenden2
Erik Hamre2
Yuzhou Yin1
Daniel Pilgrim1
Joseph Jackson1
Marius Morel1
Mattias Lars Eklund1
Mehrban Iranshad1
Mengxin Zhang1
Michael London1
Annika Anni1
Tuomas Roppanen1
Aki Nevalainen 1
Nicholas Hadley1
Robert Nur1
Jari Karkkainen1
Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk1
Christopher Janlow1
Saied Yolmeh1
Sturla Hiller1
Ricky Fawcett1
Alexandru Talica
Alexandru Talica
Biggest Main Event Flight 17.02.2023 14:41 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 4: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 130/140

The field in Day 1c of the Main Event has blossomed to 140 entries. This guarantees that it is the biggest of the first three opening flights with Day 1a attracting 129 entries and Day 1b bringing in another 138 entries.

A total of 10 players already found the rail before the first break including ACR Stormer Oskar “DeckFlow” Ojaveer. Best of luck to everyone finding a bag into tomorrow’s Day 2. As a reminder, late registration will close after Level 8. In addition, Day 1c will end when just 15% of the field remains. All players that advance to Day 2 will already be in the money for a min-cash to be announced tomorrow.

Value Alert! Final Main Event Satellite 17.02.2023 14:37 by The Festival Team

Main Event Satellite
Level 3: 100/300
Entries: 16/17

The final £56 Main Event satellite just kicked off. There could be some tremendous value thanks to the small field and five €450 Main Event seats guaranteed. Best of luck to all of the players and maybe consider hopping in and getting your Main Event seat on the cheap.

Meet Betfred Qualifier Julie Whitworth 17.02.2023 14:05 by The Festival Team
Short Deck Begins 17.02.2023 14:00 by The Festival Team

The £120 Short Deck kicked off with a tidy field of eight players. While this will certainly grow, it could be one of your best chances to win an event here at The Festival Series Nottingham at Dusk Till Dawn Casino.

Ryan Armitt, Marc Bolton, William Bowley, Stephen Jarvie, Jav Javed, James McLaren, Robert Nur, and none other than The Festival Series founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk are all in action.

Best of luck to everyone in their quest for a title in the Short Deck event.

Ryan Armitt
Ryan Armitt
More than 100 Entries on Day 1c 17.02.2023 13:40 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 1: 1,000/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 108/109

There are already more than 100 entries in the Day 1c field in the Main Event. Maxime Collins was in the field but has already hit the rail.

We expect the entry figures to approximately double before late registration is closed.

Day 1c Begins 17.02.2023 13:14 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1c
Level 1: 1,000/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 72/72

Day 1c has just kicked off with already 72 entries in the field. This figure will continue to grow with late registration not closing until the end of Level 8. Players can re-enter once each opening flight if they so choose for a fresh stack of 200,000 in chips. The day will end once the field is down to 15 percent. The surviving players will not only have a chance to play in tomorrow’s Day 2 but also will already be in the money.

Chris Cunliffe, Angus Dunnington, Lars Eklund, Gregor Larsson, Aki Nevalinen, and Sean O’Donnell are among the players in the field. Good luck to all of the Main Event players!

Gregor Larsson
Welcome to Day 5 17.02.2023 12:42 by The Festival Team
jason glatzer live from the festival nottingham

The Festival Series Nottingham has provided tons of action during the first four days with plenty of more amazing action today on Day 5.

Today will feature the final two opening flights for The Festival Series Nottingham £450 Main Event. 

The first three opening flights of the Main Event feature 30-minute blind levels while the final turbo flight boasts a faster 15-minute structure. Players begin with a massive stack of 200,000 in chips and can re-enter up to once per opening flight or late register for the first eight blind levels.

Each of the opening flights will play down to 15% of the field. At this point, all players will be in the money before battling it out for two more days on Feb. 18-19 until a winner is crowned.

Other events today include the £230 Short Deck at 12 p.m., the £120 Freezeout at 5 p.m., and the £230 PLO Freezeout at 8 p.m. All three of these events have caps on entrants, so be sure to register early to reservice your seats.

Also, today will be two more live-streamed Cash Game Challenges. Rumor has it that at least one of these sessions will be a high-stakes affair.

Our coverage will begin at 12 p.m. when cards are in the air for the Main Event. However, today we will continue to focus on the entire atmosphere instead of focusing solely on one event. Stay tuned to our coverage.