The Festival Nottingham Day 6

The Festival Nottingham Day 6

The Festival in Nottingham Live Updates

See You Tomorrow! 18.02.2023 23:51 by The Festival Team

We will be back on the floor tomorrow for the final day. Be on the lookout for an article recap on the front page early tomorrow! Good night and good luck if you are still playing.

Main Event Final Table Seat Draw 18.02.2023 23:08 by The Festival Team
PlacePlayerChipsBig Blinds
1Endrit Geci17,275,00035
2Gyorgy Simon9,100,00018
3Dmitri Dudakov38,225,00076
4Ignacio Menendez7,500,00015
5Mark van der Voorden19,675,00039
6Michael O’Brien8,075,00016
7Sean O’Donnell18,995,00038
8Vegard Andreassen4,375,0009
From Hong Kong With Love 18.02.2023 22:49 by The Festival Team

Rickey Cheung and Kathy Pheonix Poker came all the way from Hong Kong to check out The Festival Series and The Hendon Mob Championship at Dusk Till Dawn.

Now we get to see them in action as they will play the final Cash Game Challenge live-streamed feature table with stakes at £2/£5 no-limit hold’em. You can watch the action by clicking on the Stream tab within our coverage.

High Roller Photos by Mairo Toom 18.02.2023 22:20 by The Festival Team
Highlights From Day 5 of The Festival Series Nottingham 18.02.2023 22:14 by The Festival Team
Tom Demaine Wins Early Cash Game Challenge 18.02.2023 21:56 by The Festival Team

Tom Demaine just ended the early Cash Game Challenge with the biggest win at the table after notching up a 204 big blind profit (£408) at the early £1/£2 no-limit hold’em table.

Next up is the final Cash Game Challenge table of The Festival Series Nottingham. If nobody wins more than 1,103.6 big blinds, Daniel Hong will be crowned the Cash Game Challenge champion and win a package valued at €1,600 to The Festival Series Malta at Portomaso Casino from May 15-21.

Unofficial Final Table Begins in Main Event 18.02.2023 21:43 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 2
Level 26: 200,000/400,000 (400,000)
Entries: 9/609

The unofficial final table has just kicked off in the Main Event. The action will stop for the day after one more player is eliminated and resume tomorrow at 3 p.m.

Here is a look at some of the recent payouts.

10Simon Griffin£3,000
11Samuel Deering£3,000
12Stuart Griffith£3,000
13Satnam Sandhu£2,500
14Jack Kent£2,500

Updated Chip Counts in the Main Event 18.02.2023 21:38 by The Festival Team
PlayerChipsBig Blinds
 Dmitri Dudakov22,250,00056
 Mark van der Voorden18,200,00046
 Endrit Geci16,500,00041
 Michael O’Brien13,025,00033
 Ignacio Menendez12,500,00031
 Sean O’Donnell8,750,00022
 Mark Griffin4,000,00010
 Gyorgy Simon3,350,0008
 Samuel Deering2,000,0005
More Photos from the Main Event 18.02.2023 21:33 by The Festival Team
Manns, Dumitrache, Ayub, and Vancura Cash for £2,250 in the Main Event 18.02.2023 21:12 by The Festival Team
15Sascha Manns£2,250
16Marian Dumitrache£2,250
17Ali Ayub£2,250
18Tadeas Vancura£2,250
Marian Dumitrache
Payouts for £2,000 in the Main Event 18.02.2023 21:02 by The Festival Team
19Thomas Garment£2,000
20Allan Arjut£2,000
21Gatis Reigass£2,000
22Chris Cunliffe£2,000
Gatis Reigass
No Trifecta for Manns 18.02.2023 20:56 by The Festival Team

Main Event
Level 25: 150,000/300,000
Entries: 14/609

Sascha Manns appeared at the final table at the last two The Festival Series Main Events in both Tallinn during the summer and Bratislava during the autumn.

The trifecta seemed alive for a while despite Manns not being able to get much going. Unfortunately, his run came to an end on the final two tables instead of the final table when his ace-queen ran into queens. It was still another impressive run for Manns and we look forward to welcoming him to Malta in hopes that he resumes his final table runs.

Sascha Manns
PLO Hi-Lo Begins 18.02.2023 20:51 by The Festival Team

Level 1: 200/500 (500)
Entries: 24/24

How often do you see a PLO Hi/Lo tournament in Europe? This author has thought this through and hit a mental block. Maybe you can remember your last time.

The good news is that the £230 PLO Hi/Lo just kicked off. The field is at 24 players to start and is likely to grow before late registration is closed.

Coolbet streamer Oskar Wedde, a friend of Betfred Mick Smith, PLO Masterclass host JJ Hazan, The Festival veteran Barrie Dear, PLO 4/5/6 champion William Lynch, Marko Keskel, Gregor Larsson, Guts qualifier Soner Vanelderen, Ole Wasenius, Coolbet’s Ylva “Jevakim” Thorsrud, and Brenden Oystein are among the early entrants.

Good luck everyone in this split-pot tournament.

Brenden Oystein
Players Cashing for £1,750 in the Main Event 18.02.2023 20:23 by The Festival Team

The following players cashed for £1,750 in the Main Event. All remaining players have locked up at least £2,000.

23Jari Karkkainen£1,750
24Robert Douras£1,750
25Michael Purkiss£1,750
26Teemu Leppalhti£1,750
27Aki Nevalainen£1,750
Photos From The Hendon Mob Championship 18.02.2023 20:21 by The Festival Team

65 Players in the High Roller 18.02.2023 20:11 by The Festival Team

The £1,100 High Roller proved to be popular as it attracted 65 entries. A total of 30 players remain including Simon WIlson, Tom Hall, Jamie Holland, Tarique Imam, Robert Nur, Garry Spinks, and John Whetton.

Good luck to all of the High Rollers.

Simon Wilson
Updated Main Event Chip Counts 18.02.2023 19:40 by The Festival Team
PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Gatis Reigass11,000,00055
Vegard Andreassen9,450,00047
Thomas Garment7,200,00036
Endrit Geci6,750,00034
Ignacio Menendez6,500,00033
Dmitri Dudakov5,600,00028
Chris Cunliffe5,000,00025
Michael O’Brien4,700,00024
Mark van der Voorden4,100,00021
Sean O’Donnell3,750,00019
Aki Nevalainen3,400,00017
Jari Karkkainen2,900,00015
Stuart Griffith2,750,00014
Ali Ayub2,750,00014
Michael Purkiss2,300,00012
Sascha Manns2,000,00010
Marian Dumitrache1,800,0009
Jack Kent1,200,0006
Robert Douras1,125,0006
Players that Cashed for £1,500 in the Main Event 18.02.2023 19:25 by The Festival Team
28Lars Eklund£1,500
29Shaun Halliday£1,500
30Kieran Plater£1,500
31Bart Dil£1,500
32Carlo Solazzo£1,500
33Michal Czeszel£1,500
34Christopher Wellington£1,500
35Javed Akhtar£1,500
36Jonatan Wedde£1,500
Carlo Solazzo
195 Entries in Day 1a of The Hendon Mob Championship 18.02.2023 19:00 by The Festival Team

The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1a
Level 11: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 79/195

Late registration for Day 1a of The Hendon Mob £120 Championship is now closed with the field reaching 195 entries! This means that the £25,000 guarantee will be smashed as there are already 66 entries pre-registered into the second and final opening flight kicking off in a few minutes.

Maxine Collins, Chris Cooper, Alexandru Grigorie, Colin Lovelock, and Anthony Napolitano are among the players still in contention.

Day 1a will conclude when the action is down to just 29 players (15% of the field). All players that find a bag into tomorrow’s Day 2 will already be in the money.

Best of luck to all of The Hendon Mob Championship players.

High Roller Photos 18.02.2023 18:36 by The Festival Team
Main Event Players Cashing for £1,250 18.02.2023 18:27 by The Festival Team

The following players cashed for £1,250. The remaining field has locked up at least a £1,500 payday.

37Soni Padovani£1,250
38Antonius Samuel£1,250
39Adam Maxwell£1,250
40Saied Yolmeh£1,250
41Marko Keskel£1,250
42Vincenzo Lupoli£1,250
43Jamie Holland£1,250
44Marius Morel£1,250
45David Vesley£1,250
Richard Barridge Wins Big on Stream Last Night 18.02.2023 18:23 by The Festival Team

Last night featured the highest stakes offered thus far at the Cash Game Challenge. Richard Barridge came out on top after notching in a profit of £3,625 or 145 big blinds.

Near the end of the night, Barridge nailed a straight with nine-five and got paid off big by Jakub Linden. The action then moved off the stream into the Simon Trickett VIP room where players played until the early morning.

The player that wins the most big blinds throughout the week in designated Cash Game Challenge tables will be crowned the Cash Game Challenge winner. This player will be lavishly rewarded with a package to The Festival Series Malta valued at €1,600 at the beautiful Portamaso Casino from May 15-21.

Currently, Daniel Hong is on top of the leaderboard after winning 1,103.6 big blinds in €2/€5 no-limit hold’em earlier this week. There are two more Cash Game Challenge sessions to go tonight after which we will know who wins the challenge.

Main Event Day 2 Photos by Mairo Toom 18.02.2023 17:49 by The Festival Team
Players Cashing for £1,000 in the Main Event 18.02.2023 17:43 by The Festival Team

The following players cashed for £1,000 in The Festival Series Nottingham Main Event. The final 45 players managed a pay jump and will each collect at least a £1,250 prize.

46Pawel Stock£1,000
47Leo Sigurdsson£1,000
48Ronnie Marland£1,000
49Oskar Wedde£1,000
50Daniel Schofield£1,000
51Kenneth Heinsvig£1,000
52Oliver Farrell£1,000
53Luke Wilby£1,000
54James Hotes£1,000
55Jav Javed£1,000
56Conor Oldroyd£1,000
57Mark Wagstarff£1,000
58Simon Davidson£1,000
59Arian Hassankashani£1,000
60Nick Conlon£1,000
61Razma Gintautas£1,000
62Ahmed Younes£1,000
63Magnus Hofsteh£1,000
Stefan Stock & Leo Sigurdsson
“OptibetPoker” Leads the Main Event 18.02.2023 17:39 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 2
Level 19: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 42/609

Optibet streamer Gatis “OptibetPoker” Reigass started the day with a healthy stack of around 2 million. The day has gone well thus far and he is the chip leader with more than 11 million in chips.

A few minutes ago, Jamie Holland jammed for about a dozen big blinds from early position and was looked up by Reigass.

Jamie Holland: 10 8
Gatis Reigass: 9 9

Holland’s eight connected with the 6 5 5 J 8 board to improve to two pair. However, his two pair was as good as the two pair held by Reigass and he was eliminated in 43rd place.

Gatis Reigass – 11 million
Jamie Holland – 0

Gatis Reigass
Fish & Chips 18.02.2023 17:10 by The Festival Team

You saw photos of the Players’ Party and can understand how some people maybe needed something to soak up last night’s mayhem. This is why The Festival Series took hospitality package players to Fish & Chips for brunch today at one of the oldest shops in the country.

We heard from several players (without naming names) that this helped them recover from last night. Here is a look at the photos from the Fish and Chips.

Photos from the Party 18.02.2023 17:02 by The Festival Team

Last night, players with the hospitality package were invited to a special Players’ Party. Here is a look at photos of the event by Mairo Toom.

30 in the High Roller 18.02.2023 16:55 by The Festival Team

High Roller
Level 3: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 28/30

The High Roller continues to grow and is up to 30 entries. Two players hit the rail and have already re-entered for a fresh stack of 150,000 for their £1,100 buy-in including George Demetrious and Barry Grime.

Strike 1 in The Hendon Mob Championship for Franke and Bowman 18.02.2023 16:39 by The Festival Team

The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1a
Level 6: 800/1,600 (1,600)
Entries: 137/170

We caught up with The Festival Series Founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk and poker dealer Russell Bowman on the break.

We learned from Franke, that his The Hendon Mob Championship first bullet didn’t last long. That being said it was a little bit of a roller coaster ride. Franke shared that he doubled through JJ Hazan when his king-five suited got there against jacks with all of Franke’s chips committed preflop. He then lost most of his chips with an open-ended straight draw to an opponent’s top pair before dusting the rest of his stack off.

Meanwhile, Bowman also struck out on his first bullet. He plans to have some lunch before hopping back into the action. Franke plans to do the same after making some announcements during the first break of the Main Event, which is down to just 56 hopefuls.

Various Chip Count Updates in the Main Event 18.02.2023 16:13 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 2
Level 17: 25,000/50,000
Entries: 56/609

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Simon Griffin4,200,00084
Michael O’Brien3,800,00076
Michael Purkiss3,800,00076
Ronnie Marland3,300,00066
Vegard Andreassen3,200,00064
Stuart Griffith3,000,00060
Aki Nevalainen2,800,00056
Marian Dumitrache2,800,00056
Jack Kent2,700,00054
Carlo Solazzo2,600,00052
Chris Cunliffe2,400,00048
Thomas Garment2,300,00046
Happy Birthday Jake O’Leary! 18.02.2023 16:05 by The Festival Team

Not only is today a big day for The Festival Series with the Main Event playing down to a final table, The Hendon Mob Championship and High Roller kicking off, but it is also our friend Jake O’Leary’s birthday!

O’Leary plans to play The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1b flight at 6 p.m. In the meantime, he is having some pre-game drinks with his old-time friend James Price!

Why not buy O’Leary a drink? He won’t turn it down and you can join in on the celebration!

Happy birthday Jake, from us to you!

Jake O’Leary
Payouts for £800 18.02.2023 15:47 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 2
Level 17: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 63/609

The following players cashed for a min-cash of £800 in the Main Event. Keep in mind that despite already min-cashing, Carlo Solazzo is still alive as he bagged chips twice during the opening flights.

The final 63 players have each locked up at least a £1,000 payout in the Main Event.

64Steven Taylor£800
65Marc Bolton£800
66Gareth Wright£800
67Rupinder Bedi£800
68Eugen Margarit£800
69Viktor Popvic£800
70David Clark£800
71John Whetton£800
72Sara Wickens£800
73Gerges Issa£800
74Mariusz Wiszowaty£800
75Philip Sewell£800
76Tuomas Kalvinmaki£800
77Jakub Matusiak£800
78Aaron Phillips£800
79Andras Bologh£800
80Alexandru Talica£800
81Russell Tarbox£800
82Paul Ephremsen£800
83Anders Wattengard£800
84Dmitrijs Meless£800
85Ian Vertefeuille£800
86Espen Baasto£800
87Max Maszlag£800
88Michael Skeldon£800
89Simon Wilson£800
90Callum Highley£800
91Oskar Ojaveer£800
92Carlo Solazzo£800
Oskar “DeckFlow” Ojaveer
High Roller Begins 18.02.2023 15:42 by The Festival Team

High Roller
Level 1: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 19/19

The £1,100 High Roller kicked off with a field of 19 players. This is just the start of the event, so expect the field to grow with Main Event players busting out left and right.

Waheed Ashraf, John Bassett, Rupinder Bedi, Fraser Bellamy, Philip Clarke, George Demetrious, Ian Gascoigne, Barry Grime, Tom Hall, Johnny Hofseth, David Ledden, Jonathan McCann, Jonas Rosqvist, Garry Spinks, Michael Stweart, Nathan Watson, Michael Wehner, John Whetton, and Simon Wilson are the players from the start in the field.

Good luck to all the High Rollers!

Simon Wilson
Talica Flips to a Trip to Malta 18.02.2023 15:23 by The Festival Team

The Franke’s Flip Flops ended last night. Alexandru Talica was sweating the flips while also working his way to the final table at the £230 PLO Freezeout.

His six flip victories, which he notched up after Wednesday’s flip session was the most out of any of the players at The Festival Series Nottingham at Dusk Till Dawn.

Not only did he win buy-ins to many events during this festival but also won a package valued at €1,600 to The Festival Series Malta at Portomaso Casino from May 15-21 but will also take home a frame pair of Franke’s actual flip flops as a trophy.

Congrats to Talica for out-flipping the competition and see you in Malta.

Alexandru Talica
Alexandru Talica
PlayerFlips Won
Alexandru Talica6
Vasile Margarit4
Mick Smith3
Allan Arjut3
Isaac Barker3
Ole Wasenius3
William Lynch2
Lindsay Smith2
Oystein Brenden2
Erik Hamre2
Marko Keskel2
Yuzhou Yin1
Daniel Pilgrim1
Joseph Jackson1
Marius Morel1
Mattias Lars Eklund1
Mehrban Iranshad1
Mengxin Zhang1
Michael London1
Annika Anni1
Tuomas Roppanen1
Aki Nevalainen 1
Nicholas Hadley1
Robert Nur1
Jari Karkkainen1
Christopher Janlow1
Saied Yolmeh1
Sturla Hiller1
Ricky Fawcett1
JJ Hazan1
Vlad Costas1
Conor Oldroyd1
Peter Raeburn1
The Hendon Mob Championship Begins 18.02.2023 14:18 by The Festival Team

The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1a
Level 1: 200/500 (500)
Entries: 99/99

The Hendon Mob Championship featuring a £120 buy-in kicked off the first of its two opening flights with nearly 100 players in the field.

Tom Baker, James Broomhead, Lukasz Grabowski, Alexandru Grigorie, James Harcourt, and Mark Hayes are among the players in action.

As a reminder, there is some extra value in this event. If you eliminate a player where a Hendon Mob patch, you will also collect gear as a bounty.

The Hendon Mob’s Roland Boothby will eventually be one of the entrants. Knock out Roland, and this author will buy you a beer on top of the normal bounty if you come see him.

Main Event Begins 18.02.2023 14:02 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 2
Level 14: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)
Entries: 91/609

The Main Event has just kicked off its penultimate day. The plan for today is to play down to one table of eight players with the action playing down to a winner tomorrow on the live stream.

Best of luck to all of the Main Event players!

Big The Festival Series Nottingham Day at Dusk Till Dawn 18.02.2023 13:53 by The Festival Team

Today is a big day at The Festival Series Nottingham at Dusk Till Dawn as not only has the £450 Main Event progressed to its second day already in the money but today is also the day that the two-day The Hendon Mob €120 Championship kicks off both of its opening flights.

The Main Event attracted 609 entries to generate a £236,292 prize pool. A total of 91 players bagged stacks into Day 2 with Carlo Solazzo finding two bags thus collecting a min-cash of £800 already on the stack not being brought forward.

Michael O’Brien leads the way with 4,120,000 in chips with Marian Dumitrache (3,565,000), Ali Ayub (3,420,000), and Satnam Sandhu (3,045,000) also bringing in more than 3 million to Day 2. Just behind this group is Sascha Manns with 2,965,000 in chips. Manns appeared at back-to-back Main Event final tables in both The Festival Series Tallinn in the summer and The Festival Series Bratislava in the autumn and now is looking for a trifecta with a cherry on top with a victory which comes with a £42,500 top prize.

Main Event Payouts


The Hendon Mob Championship and More

Today also features the two opening flights of the two-day £120 The Hendon Mob Championship with Day 1a kicking off at 1 p.m. and Day 1b starting at 6 p.m. The Hendon Mob’s Roland Boothby and Wes McKenzie are on site to provide support. They are both super approachable if you have any questions about the event or The Hendon Mob in general. They will also be patching up a handful of players. Eliminate a patched player and collect a bounty for some cool The Hendon Mob gear.

Also scheduled today is the £1,100 High Roller at 2 p.m. and the £230 PLO/PLO Hi-Lo at 7 p.m.

Best of luck to all of the players and stay tuned to our blog for all of your updates for the day.

Day 2 Seat Draw in the Main Event 18.02.2023 13:12 by The Festival Team
TableSeatPlayerChipsBig Blinds
11ISSA GERGES                                                         1,540,00062
12HOYES JAMES                                                         480,00019
13LEPPALAHTI TEEMU                                                    1,065,00043
14EPHREMSEN PAUL                                                      1,060,00042
15YOLMEH SAIED                                                        1,130,00045
16WELLINGTON CHRISTOPHER                                              710,00028
17MOREL MARIUS                                                        1,565,00063
18WEDDE JONATAN                                                       910,00036
19OJAVEER OSKAR                                                       435,00017
21VERTEFEUILLE IAN                                                    790,00032
22FARRELL OLIVER                                                      1,265,00051
23SAMUEL ANTONIUS                                                     1,860,00074
24GINTAUTAS RAZMA                                                     880,00035
25Wagstaff Mark                                                       1,005,00040
26MARLAND RONNIE                                                      1,665,00067
27HALLIDAY SHAUN                                                      640,00026
28VANCURA TADEAS                                                      1,645,00066
29KALVINMAKI TUOMAS                                                   545,00022
31BOLTON MARC                                                         1,730,00069
32DUDAKOV DMITRI                                                      2,375,00095
33CONLON NICK                                                         2,370,00095
34KARKKAINEN JARI TAPIO                                               755,00030
35TARBOX RUSSELL                                                      1,640,00066
36DOURAS ROBERT                                                       990,00040
37KESKEL MARKO                                                        875,00035
38PURKISS MICHAEL                                                     2,140,00086
39VAN DER VOORDEN MARK                                                1,010,00040
111MANNS SASHA                                                         2,965,000119
112SKELDON MICHAEL                                                     735,00029
113WISZOWATY MARIUSZ                                                   405,00016
114GARMENT THOMAS                                                      2,770,000111
115KENT JACK                                                           2,100,00084
116WEDDE OSKAR                                                         970,00039
117OBRIEN MICHAEL                                                      4,120,000165
119STOCK PAWEL STEFAN                                                  310,00012
121AYUB ALI                                                            3,420,000137
122HASSANKASHANI ARIAN                                                 1,300,00052
123WILSON SIMON                                                        425,00017
124MASZLAG MAZ                                                         950,00038
126EKLUND LARS Mattias                                                 495,00020
127SANDHU SATNAM                                                       3,045,000122
128CZESZEL MICHAL                                                      1,020,00041
129SOLAZZO CARLO                                                       2,615,000105
131NEVALINEN AKI                                                       1,525,00061
132CUNLIFFE CHRIS                                                      2,500,000100
133YOUNES AHMED                                                        725,00029
134HIGHLEY CALLUM                                                      880,00035
135SIGURDSSON LEO                                                      925,00037
136ANDREASSEN VEGARD                                                   1,595,00064
137WATTENGARD ANDERS                                                   950,00038
139BALOGH ANDRAS                                                       410,00016
142HOFSTEH MAGNUS                                                      665,00027
143GECI ENDRIT                                                         2,950,000118
144JAVED JAV                                                           1,525,00061
145DUMITRACHE MARIAN                                                   3,565,000143
146WHETTON JOHN                                                        810,00032
147POPOVIC VIKTOR                                                      480,00019
148MELESS DIMITRIJS                                                    270,00011
149TALICA ALEXANDRU                                                    490,00020
151HEINSVIG KENNETH                                                    1,435,00057
152BAASTO ESPEN                                                        740,00030
153ARJUT ALLAN                                                         1,715,00069
154MATUSIAK JAKUB                                                      910,00036
156REIGASS GATIS                                                       2,135,00085
157DAVIDSON SIMON JOHN                                                 1,650,00066
158HOLLAND JAMIE                                                       795,00032
159PHILLIPS AARON                                                      1,180,00047
161DEERING SAMUEL                                                      1,000,00040
162MENENDEZ IGNACIO                                                    1,370,00055
163DIL BART                                                            960,00038
164SEWELL PHILIP                                                       1,020,00041
166WRIGHT GARETH                                                       820,00033
167MARGARIT EUGEN                                                      610,00024
168SIMON GYORGY                                                        1,530,00061
169GRIFFITH STUART                                                     1,220,00049
241VESLEY DAVID                                                        1,005,00040
243WILBY LUKE                                                          1,825,00073
244SCHOFIELD DANIEL                                                    1,025,00041
245O DONNELL SEAN                                                      1,445,00058
246TAYLOR STEVEN                                                       705,00028
247PLATER KIERAN                                                       1,375,00055
248OLDROYD CONOR                                                       490,00020
249V.A.                                              795,00032
251BEDI RUPINDER                                                       920,00037
252AKHTAR JAVED                                                        2,770,000111
253LUPOLI VINCENZO                                                     1,605,00064
254WICKINS SARA                                                        1,350,00054
255MAXWELL ADAM                                                        2,035,00081
257GRIFFIN SIMON MARK                                                  2,100,00084
258PADOVANI SONI                                                       1,010,00040
259CLARK DAVID                                                         1,595,00064