The Festival Nottingham Day 3

The Festival Nottingham Day 3

The Festival in Nottingham Live Updates

Day 3 Recap 16.02.2023 16:34 by The Festival Team

Day 3 of The Festival Series Nottingham was a grand success at Dusk Till Dawn with four more winners crowned.

Waheed Ashraf Wins the Blackjack Tournament 16.02.2023 12:49 by The Festival Team

Similar to the Roulette Tournament, the £120 Black Tournament featured a four-way deal. Waheed Ashraf came out on top for a slightly larger prize of £995.

The event attracted 35 entries to create a £3,395 prize pool.

1Waheed Ashraf£995
2Tuomas Kalvinmaki£800
4Mats Jonas Rosqvist£800
Sean O’Donnell Wins the Round of Each 16.02.2023 12:45 by The Festival Team

Sean O’Donnell agreed to a heads-up deal with Allan Arjut before winning the £230 Round of Each (NLH/PLO) for £3,649. Arjut also collected a tasty prize of £3,381.

The event attracted 63 entries to create a £12,222 prize pool.

1Sean O’Donnell£3,649
2Allan Arjut£3,381
3Mark Rubbathan£1,650
4Masoud Etemadiherisi£1,160
6Marius Morel£610
7Jonas Kovacs£490
8Antonius Samuel£427
Sean O’Donnell
Tobias Leknes Wins the Knockout 16.02.2023 12:42 by The Festival Team

Norwegian poker beast Tobias Leknes does it again as last night he won the £120 Knockout for £1,520 plus bounties after defeating Daniel Turner in heads-up play.

The event attracted 95 players to generate a £9,215 prize pool.

1Tobias Leknes£1,520
2Daniel Turner£980
3Peter Wesson£580
4Oeystein Brenden£400
5Raivo Pinsel£290
7David Swain£180
8Thorsrud Ylva£155
9Robert Mitchell£135
Tobias Leknes
Colin Lovelock Wins the PokerListings Championship 16.02.2023 12:28 by The Festival Team

Colin Lovelock defeated poker dealer Russell Bowman heads-up in the £120 PokerListings Championship to win £5,020 and a package to The Festival Series Malta valued at €1,600 from May 15-21.

Lovelock, Russell Bowman, and former PokerListings Championship winner JJ Hazan all agreed to a deal with 10% left to be played for. This led Bowman to win the biggest cash prize, however, Lovelock still won a bigger overall prize thanks to winning The Festival Series Malta package.

The event attracted 383 entries across three opening flights to generate a £37,151 prize pool.

1Colin Lovelock£5,020
2Russell Bowman£5,225
3Jeraint “JJ” Hazan£3,856
4Nicholas Burrett£2,350
5Corrado Nane£1,850
6Alexandru Grigorie£1,500
7Dimitru Enache£1,200
8Sean O Donnell£950
9Vlad Talica£750
10Marius Morel£600
11Garry Spinks£600
12William Dudgeon£600
13Michael Yates£600
14Georgina James£500
15Kasper Wurtz£500
16Roman Sembratovych£500
17Claire Michelle Taylor£500
18Luke Paul Cornell£500
19Danny Ball£400
20Justin Kean£400
21Thomas Clack£400
22Thomas Ascott£400
23Thorsrud Ylva£300
24Olov Yngve Vestgards£300
25Jonas Kovacs£300
26Gordon Skinner£300
27Lee Martin Richards£300
28Rinalds Zimka£250
29William Mccallum£250
30Richard Gregory£250
31Mark Simon Stokes£250
32Vasos Michael£250
34Sigurd Thengilsson£250
35Daniel Edler£250
36Dimitrijs Meless£250
37Robert Mitchell£200
38Lee Radford£200
39Lynne Etches£200
40Alexandru Talica£200
41Lewis Morton£200
42Priti Patel£200
43Eddy Shaw£200
44Alexander Cheng£200
45Paul Grummitt£200
46Leon Jennings£200
47Garry Bennett£200
48Chris Lee£200
49Adam Naylor£200
50Leo Farodoye£200
51Jack Kent£200
53Gregory Tickell£200
55Lukasz Grabowski£200
56Glen Wilson£200
Colin Lovelock
Jon Kyte Wins £2,293 in Late Cash Game Challenge 16.02.2023 01:42 by The Festival Team

Jon Kyte was well-known at the Cash Game Festival for crushing feature tables in cash games for many years. He has had great success in tournaments as well.

Kyte was unable to get things going during two Omaha Cash Game Challenges but that all changed during the late £2/£5 no-limit hold’em Cash Game Challenge as he won a whopping £2,293 for 458.6 big blinds.

While this is a great win, it isn’t enough to put him at the top of the Cash Game Challenge leaderboard as last night The Festival Series founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigberk won an impressive 628 big blinds or £3,140 in £2/£5 pot-limit Omaha.

The winner of the Cash Game Challenge will be the player that wins the most big blinds throughout The Festival Series Nottingham at designated Cash Game Challenge tables. While these tables were streamed the first two days, today the stream was focused on the final day of the PokerListings Championship. The winner of the Cash Game Challenge will be awarded a package valued at €1,600 to The Festival Series Malta at Portomaso Casino on May 15-21.

Updates to Resume Tomorrow 16.02.2023 00:12 by The Festival Team

There may still be an update or two this evening but more or less our coverage has concluded for the evening. Thank you for tuning in and be sure to come back tomorrow not only for more coverage but also a recap of Day 3.

Franke Delivers a Bad Beat to Dideriksen-Nielsen 15.02.2023 23:56 by The Festival Team
Jacob Dideriksen-Nielsen

The Festival Series founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk was one of the lowest stacks of the five players at his tables and was still behind the eight-ball with one round to go.

Franke laid out a bet of 2,000 and Dideriksen-Nielsen didn’t want to take too many chances and bet just 300. Both players were dealt 17. The only chance for Franke to win was to double. He doubled and snagged a four for 21! Dideriksen-Nielsen busted which led Franke to advance to the next round while Dideriksen-Nielsen hit the shower.

Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk
Photos From the Blackjack Tournament 15.02.2023 23:24 by The Festival Team
Deal Made in the PokerListings Championship 15.02.2023 23:20 by The Festival Team

A deal was agreed in the PokerListings Championship to even out the payouts as follows:

  • Russ Bowman – £5,225
  • Colin Lovelock – £4,335
  • JJ Hazan – £3,885

The players left £685 and the trophy to be played for but this is not all as the winner will also be awarded a package to The Festival Series Malta at Portomaso Casino on May 15-21 valued €1,600. Also, the winner will also be awarded a poker comic book authored by Anish Patel.

Colin Lovelock
Colin Lovelock
Hold’em Cash Game Challenge 15.02.2023 23:12 by The Festival Team

The Cash Game Challenge has resumed with the game changing from four cards to two cards. The stakes though remain the same with the game switching to £2/£5 no-limit hold’em.

Jon Kyte and Daniel Pilgrim are both among the players in action.

Jon Kyte
Jon Kyte
Photos From Axe Throwing 15.02.2023 22:44 by The Festival Team

Earlier today, players with the hospitality package went on an axe-throwing adventure. Here is a look at the photos of the event by Mairo Toom.

Ali Ayub Bags the Most on Day 1a of the Main Event 15.02.2023 22:39 by The Festival Team

Day 1a of The Festival Series Nottingham £450 Main Event is in the books with 19 players bagging chips out of the original field of 129 entries. All 19 players will be in the money with hopes to earn much more with a deep run.

Ali Ayub, who was recently interviewed by The Festival Series, parlayed his 200,000 opening stack into an impressive chip-leading stack of 3,420,000.

Here is a look at all of the chip counts with some players opting out of using their real names.

1Ali Ayub3,420,000
2D. D.2,375,000
3M. P.2,140,000
4Jack Kent2,100,000
5Adam Maxwell2,035,000
6Tadeas Vancura1,645,000
7Javed Jav1,525,000
8Kenneth Heinsvig1,435,000
9K. P.1,375,000
10S. W.1,350,000
11David Vesely1,005,000
12Jakub Matusiak910,000
13Jonatan Wedde910,000
14Ian Vertefeuille790,000
15E. B.740,000
16Michael Skeldon735,000
17Tuomas Kalvinmaki545,000
18James Hoyes480,000
19Carlo Solazzo395,000
Marcin Niedzwiecki Wins First Cash Game Challenge 15.02.2023 22:11 by The Festival Team

The first Cash Game Challenge of the evening is in the books with Marcin Niedzwiecki coming out on the top of the pack after winning 336 big blinds or £1,680 in the early £5/£5 pot-limit Omaha.

While this is an impressive score for just 2 1/2 hours of action, this is still not catapulting him to the top of the Cash Game Leaderboard. This honor belongs to The Festival Series founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk, who won a whopping 628 big blinds or £3,140 in last night’s £2/£5 pot-limit Omaha session.

Double Down or Split? 15.02.2023 21:56 by The Festival Team

The £120 Blackjack Tournament will kick off in about 10 minutes. There are already 13 entries registered with more still to come.

This isn’t a house game like Blackjack normally is as the object of the game is to win more chips than others at your table. Latvia’s Aleksandrs Leonovs is the reigning champion after shipping the Blackjack Tournament at The Festival Bratislava in the autumn.

“The Blackjack tournament was a strong challenge for me,” Leonovs said. “As I have a background in mathematics, I wanted to test myself and see if I could combine my skills in probability calculation with strategic thinking. Since I won, it seems like it was successful. If possible, I would play again with pleasure.”

You can check out everything you need to know about the Blackjack Event in this article.

Aleksandrs Leonovs
Aleksandrs Leonovs
Ali Ayub Pleased with The Festival Schedule 15.02.2023 21:39 by The Festival Team
Two Games for the Price of One 15.02.2023 21:09 by The Festival Team

Round of Each
Level 1: 200/500 (500)
Entries: 27/27

The £230 Round of Each just kicked off with 27 entries. Players will play one round of no-limit hold’em followed by another round of pot-limit Omaha. Rinse and repeat until a winner is crowned in this turbo-charged affair with 15-minute blind levels.

Allan Arjut, Torgeir Hagmann, Jonas Kovac, Irina Liepina, Sascha Manns, Michael London, William Lynch, and Sean O Donnell are among the early entrants.

Good luck to everyone that gets into the action.

Allan Arjut
Allan Arjut
Jackson Off to Blackjack 15.02.2023 20:50 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1a
Level 14: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)
Entries: 27/129

The Festival streamer Joseph Jackson had a good run but sometimes all good things come to an end. Jackson hit the rail short of the end of the day and unfortunately will have to try again during another opening flight if he wishes to make it to the money and beyond.

Jackson shared that he first lost with king-seven against the king-nine held by Sara Wickins. Wickins bet out on a king-deuce-trey-trey board after the turn.

“I shoved in an attempt to get my opponent to fold a weak king,” Jackson said.

The shove didn’t work out by Jackson as Wickins called and a blank six completed the board on the river.

Jackson still had about 7 big blinds. He jammed with jack-ten from the cutoff and was out of the event after he was unable to get there against a big blind call with ace-eight.

It’s off to the £120 Blackjack Tournament for Jackson next. Good luck!

Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson
Another Five Main Event Seats Guaranteed 15.02.2023 20:32 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day Satellite
Level 2: 100/300 (300)
Entries: 26/27

Another £56 Main Event satellite has kicked off with late registration open for at least an hour. So far, 27 entries got into the mix.

The satellite guarantees at least five £450 Main Event seats for tomorrow’s Day 1b. Get on in if you want a chance to play for some big money for just £56!

PokerListings Championship Final Table Begins 15.02.2023 20:29 by The Festival Team

PokerListings Championship Final Day
Level 25: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)
Entries: 9/383

The final table has kicked off in the PokerListings Championship. You can check out the action by clicking on the stream tab. Tonight’s winner will go home with £6,850 plus a package to The Festival Series Malta at Portomaso Casino from May 15-21 valued at €1,600.

JJ Hazan, who already has a PokerListings Championship title in his pocket from the inaugural The Festival Series in 2021 in Bratislava, is still in contention for his second title. We also have our eyes on Russell Bowman, who is usually pitching cards instead of playing. Meanwhile, Nicholas Burrett had a commanding lead to kick off the final table.

Also in contention are Day 1b chip leader Corrado Nane, Sean O Donnell, Vlad Talica, Colin Lovelock, and Dimitru Enache.

You can check out the stream by clicking on the Stream tab within our coverage.

PlacePlayerChipsBig Blinds
1Colin Lovelock12,740,00042
2Nicholas Burrett23,900,00080
3Russell Bowman8,150,00027
4Corrado Nane4,200,00014
5Vlad Talica5,050,00017
6Alexandru Grigorie5,925,00020
7Dimitru Enache3,000,00010
8JJ Hazan8,350,00028
9Sean O Donnell5,300,00018
Nicholas Burrett & Corrado Nane
£5/£5 PLO Cash Game Challenge Begins 15.02.2023 19:59 by The Festival Team

The PLO Challenge is taking a session off from the live stream as the PokerListings Championship will continue to stream until a winner is crowned.

This doesn’t mean that the challenge won’t continue. It just won’t appear on the stream. Today’s first Cash Game Challenge table features £5/£5 PLO. Jon Kyte, who was shocked by one profitable call the Cash Game Challenge leader Franke made last night, and Daniel Pilgrim are among the players that battled.

The player that wins the most big blinds throughout the week in a single Cash Game Challenge will be crowned the Cash Game Challenge champion and go home with a free package valued at €1,600 to The Festival Series Malta at Portomaso Casino on May 15-21.

Daniel Pilgrim
Daniel Pilgrim
“Blowing Off Some Steam” 15.02.2023 19:55 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1a
Level 13: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)
Entries: 32/129

While surveying the action-packed £5/£5 PLO Cash Game Challenge table, we bumped into Norwegian poker streamer Oskar Wedde.

Wedde had a stack in the Main Event but unfortunately, he shared that he dusted off all his stack on a bluff to The Festival Series streamer Joseph Jackson.

“I tried to bluff a guy who I thought would fold,” Wedde shared. “I am steaming a little so I am going to blow off my steam at the cash game tables before watching the football match.”

This won’t be the last we see of Wedde as he will get back into the Main Event at some point but his focus tomorrow will be the Open Face Chinese tournament. Good luck to Wedde in adding another trophy to go along with the trophy he won during the 2022 The Festival Series Bratislava in 8-Game.

The Main Event is on a break but we took a quick peak at Jackson’s stack and he is on around 750,000 for nearly 40 big blinds when the action resumes.

19 Players to Advance in the Main Event Day 1a 15.02.2023 19:27 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1a
Level 12: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)
Entries: 39/129

Day 1b of the Main Event is down to just 39 players from the original field of 129 entries. A total of 19 players will advance to Day 2 from this field already in the money.

James Clarke, Kristo Erala, The Festival satellite streamer Joseph Jackson, Jack Kent, ACR Stormer Oskar “DeckFlow” Ojaveer, and American Ian Vertefeuille are among the players still in action.

“Very Good Tournament” 15.02.2023 18:51 by The Festival Team

PokerListings Championship Final Day
Level 24: 125,000/250,000 (250,000)
Entries: 14/383

Day 1c chip leader Kasper Wurtz was on the rail out in 15th place. He shared with us how it went down.

“I lost a bit of my stack doubling up a short stack when my king-queen was no good to a player’s shove with king-nine,” shared Wurtz. “The rest went in after my king-jack didn’t complete its draws against ace-queen on a queen-queen-ten flop.”

Despite hitting the rail, Wurtz praised the event.

“It was a very good tournament,” Wurtz shared. “I went up and down, but at the end, it wasn’t a bad result finishing in 15th place.”

Wurtz was in good spirits with a beer in his hands but is unsure whether he will continue to play in another event today.

“I am always about the Main Event,” Wurtz said. “At every festival, it is my primary focus. Therefore, I am not sure I will enter another event today.”

We popped by the outer table to see what was going on there and both poker dealer Russell Bowman and PokerStars’ Georgina “GJReggie” James were both still battling it out. We shared that we spoke to Wurtz as we new he was on the table and Bowman laughed a little.

“I think I was the one with the king-nine in the first hand,” Bowman shared.

Russell Bowman – 6.7 million
Georgina James – 5.5 million
Kasper Wurtz – 0

TV Table Begins 15.02.2023 18:09 by The Festival Team

PokerListings Championship Final Day
Level 23: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)
Entries: 16/383

The £120 PokerListings Championship is down to the final two tables. The stream has begun for this event and you will be able to watch it on a 30-minute delay with hole cards exposed by clicking on the Stream tab in our coverage starting at approximately 5:30 p.m. GMT.

Poker dealer Russell Bowman is among the final players and is sitting on around 3.5 million in chips.

“I hope to double up once,” shared Bowman to us on the break. “Then I will have around the final table average.”

Also still in contention are PLO Masterclass host JJ Hazan, Day 1b chip leader Corrado Nane, Day 1c chip leader Kasper Wurtz, Marius Morel, Colin Lovelock, and PokerStars hero Georgina “GJReggie” James. Best of luck to this group and everyone else still battling it out in hopes of The Festival Series glory in the PokerListings Championship.

Russell Bowman
Russell Bowman
Knockout Begins 15.02.2023 18:03 by The Festival Team

Level 1: 200/500 (500)
Entries: 63/63

The £120 Knockout has just kicked off with already 63 players in the field. This event was scheduled to be capped at 54 entries but the cap was extended with many players looking to get into the action.

Players will start with a healthy stack of 50,000 in chips. Expect a fast and furious pace with 15-minute blind levels and bounties of £50 per player on the line.

Isaac Barker, Brenden Oeystein, ACR Stormer Neil “TwinnyPoker” Edwards, Coolbet qualifier Sturla Hiller, Jonas Kovacs, Tobias Leknes, and Sascha Manns are among the players in the field.

Good luck to everyone!

Various Big Stacks in the PokerListings Championship 15.02.2023 17:47 by The Festival Team
Player NameChipcount
Michael Yates2,950,000
Thomas Ascott2,900,000
Alexandru Grigorie3,600,000
Nane Corrado3,900,000
Nicholas Burrett3,800,000
Michael Vasos2,000,000
Roman Sembratovych2,400,000
Colin Lovelock4,400,000
Marius Morel3,200,000
Thomas Clack2,800,000
Russell Bowman1,700,000
“Franke is More Crazy on Coca Cola” 15.02.2023 17:30 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1a
Level 8: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)
Entries: 77/125

WSOP Europe bracelet winner Espen Sandvik was finishing up a meal when he hit the rail on a bluff against Michael Purkiss. Sandvik with ten-six check-raised the queen-nine-five flop and was called by Purkiss. Both players checked a blank turn. Sandvik attempted to rep a straight or something else after an eight completed the board on the river with a jam of more than double the pot.

Purkiss turned a flush and made the call. Unfortunately, Sandvik already fired a bullet earlier today. So, he will have to wait until tomorrow to get back into the Main Event.

Level 8 is winding down. After this level and a break, late registration will be over and we will know the final field size and how many players will advance.

Meanwhile, Sandvik was also at the live-streamed £2/£5 pot-limit Omaha table that The Festival Series founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk won a whopping 682 big blinds to put him in the lead in the Cash Game Challenge. We asked Sandvik what he thought about Franke’s play while he was finishing up a quick meal.

“I will always play with Franke when he is drinking Coca-Cola,” Sandvik shared with a smile. “He was even crazier on Coca-Cola than he normally is when he is on alcohol.”

20 Remain in the PokerListings Championship 15.02.2023 17:14 by The Festival Team

PokerListings Championship Final Day
Level 21: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)
Entries: 20/383

There are just 20 hopefuls remaining in the £120 PokerListings Championship. They have each locked up £400 with much more to come if they can be the last player standing with a £6,850 top prize on the line. In addition, tonight’s winner will also be awarded a package for The Festival Series Malta on May 15-21 at Portomaso Casino valued at €1,600.

Gordon Skinner won’t be one of those players as he recently unsuccessfully jammed ace-four suited into Alexandru Grigorie’s ace-queen. Optibet qualifier Rinalds Zimka is also on the rail after his king-jack proved to be no good against Corrado Nane’s ace-ten.

Corrado Nane – 5.5 million
Alexandru Grigorie – 4.5 million
Rinalds Zimka – 0
Gordon Skinner – 0

Rinalds Zimka
Rinalds Zimka
Highlights From Yesterday 15.02.2023 16:34 by The Festival Team
Enjoying Nottingham? Why Not Join Us in Malta for Just €20! 15.02.2023 16:32 by The Festival Team

Are you enjoying The Festival Series Nottingham as much as we are? Well, the fun won’t stop this week as soon enough The Festival Series heads to the luxurious Portomaso Casino in Malta for The Festival Series Malta on May 15-21.

There will be plenty of opportunities to win a package to The Festival Series Malta online but you may want to mark your calendars for Friday, Feb. 24 for a truly special satellite with three packages valued at €2,000 each guaranteed for just a €20 buy-in. Check out the details below:

Name: Franke 50 Winter
Online partners: pafCoolbetGUTSBetfred
Starting time: Feb. 24, 2023, 20:30 CET, late reg. 60 minutes, rebuys 90 minutes
Buy-in: €20, unlimited rebuys + add-on
Prize pool: 3 x €2,000 package GTD
Special Franke 50 Winters €2,000 package includes:

Check out our article about this event for more details.

Early Highlights From The Festival Series Nottingham 15.02.2023 16:11 by The Festival Team
More Than 100 in the Main Event 15.02.2023 16:00 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1a
Level 5: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 80/104

The Main Event is off to a rocking start on its first of four opening flights with the field already passing 100 entries. Close to 20% of the field didn’t hold onto their initial stack of 200,000 in chips. Some of these players hopped right back in as the event allows one re-entry per opening flight. Others opted to hop into the £56 Main Event satellite. Some are at the bar or touring the city, while some of those with the hospitality package is choosing to go to the Axe Throwing activity.

In other words, there is no lack of options.

Mairo Toom took a few initial photos before heading off to the Axe Throwing activity. We will have more Main Event photos to share with you later in the day.

Meet Paf’s Linda Jansson 15.02.2023 15:48 by The Festival Team
Various Big Stacks in the PokerListings Championship 15.02.2023 15:44 by The Festival Team

PokerListings Championship Final Day
Level 19: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 35/383

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Colin Lovelock4,400,00055
Nane Corrado3,900,00049
Nicholas Burrett3,800,00048
Alexandru Grigorie3,600,00045
Marius Morel3,200,00040
Michael Yates2,950,00037
Thomas Ascott2,900,00036
Thomas Clack2,800,00035
Roman Sembratovych2,400,00030
Michael Vasos2,000,00025
Russell Bowman1,700,00021
Nane Corrado and Nicholas Burrett
Various Big Stacks at Break 15.02.2023 15:41 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1a
Level 9: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 76/129

Michael Purkiss appears to be in the lead in the Main Event at the break after winning a big pot against Espen Sandvik. Players can still enter or re-enter for the next few minutes. After the break, the Day 1a field will be locked up and we will announce how many players will advance.

Meanwhile, here is a look at some of the bigger stacks from around the room in the Main Event.

PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Michael Purkiss 1,200,000150
Jack Kent900,000113
Jakub Matusiak750,00094
Ali Ayub750,00094
Jamie Holland600,00075
Vincenzo Lupoli600,00075
Kieran Plater580,00073
Artu Myllys550,00069
Harriwin Selvarajoo550,00069
Dmitri Dudakov520,00065
Carlo Solazzo450,00056
Main Event Satellite Value 15.02.2023 15:37 by The Festival Team

Main Event Satellite
Level 7: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 24/36

There is a £56 Main Event satellite running alongside both The Festival Series Nottingham £450 Main Event and the £120 PokerListings Championship.

The satellite guarantees five seats into the Main Event and there is currently some small overlay with late registration set to close in about 30 minutes.

Marc Bolton, Vegard Andreassen, Richard Lazarus, Adam Naylor, Mick Smith, Maili Tannbaum, and Diana Toht are among those still in contention for a Main Event seat. Best of luck to this group of players and everyone else battling it out in hopes of securing a Main Event ticket for pennies on the pound.

Early Photos of the Final Day of the PokerListings Championship 15.02.2023 15:25 by The Festival Team

PokerListings Championship Final Day
Level 19: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 38/383

Players are on their first break in the PokerListings Championship. The field is already down from the 57 players that started the day to just 38 hopefuls.

Simon Wilson, Yin Yuzhou, Jack Kent, Chris Lee, Garry Bennett, Priti Patel, Alexandru Talica, and Lynne Etches are among the players to not survive the first two hours.

We wish all the remaining players the best of luck. Meantime, enjoy some early photos by Mairo Toom.

Talica and Margarit Lead the Franke’s Flips 15.02.2023 15:08 by The Festival Team

There are rake-free flips taking place each and every night where players have a chance to win tickets to The Festival Series events.

The buzz is always exciting whenever these take place and sometimes players make up their own rules about not looking at their cards and flipping one at a time after each street in an Omaha format.

Apparently, Alexandru Talica and Vasile Margarit are pro-flippers as they have each won four separate times. Mick Smith and Allan Arjut aren’t far behind with three wins each.

The winner of the Franke’ Flip ‘n Go’s will be awarded a €1,600 package to The Festival Series Malta taking place from May 15-21, 2023 at the luxurious Portomaso Casino.

PlayerFlip Wins
Alexandru Talica4
Vasile Margarit 4
Mick Smith 3
Allan Arjut 3
Isaac Barker 2
William Lynch 2
Yuzhou Yin 1
Daniel Pilgrim 1
Joseph Jackson 1
Lindsay Smith 1
Marius Morel 1
Mattias Lars Eklund 1
Mehrban Iranshad 1
Mengxin Zhang 1
Michael London 1
Oystein Brenden 1
Thanks JJ (Times 2) 15.02.2023 14:30 by The Festival Team

JJ Hazan hosted a PLO Masterclass this morning at the Crowne Plaza with a handful of people in attendance including Gregor Larsson.

We dropped by to check it out in the morning and it appeared the players were fully engaged. JJ parted his years of wisdom in a way that players of all levels could understand.

As if this wasn’t enough, JJ answered our call about exchanging some bank notes from the Estonian crew. His price to do so is just a token. Just buy him a drink and he might still be able to help you as he is doing for others.

Thanks, JJ, and best of luck in today’s PokerListings Championship. Coincidentally, JJ already has a PokerListings Championship title under his belt as he shipped the €220 PokerListings Deepstack Championship during the inaugural The Festival Series in Bratislava in September 2021 for €7,375. While Groundhog’s Day was a couple of weeks ago, a repeat performance is not out of the question as JJ can also play with two cards and not just four cards.

JJ Hazan
JJ Hazan wins 2021 PokerListings Deepstack Championship
Three Players Already on the Rail in the Main Event 15.02.2023 14:24 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1a
Level 3: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 68/71

The Day 1a field has just about doubled to 71 entries from the start of the day. Three players have already lost their stacks in the Main Event including Raivo Pinsel, Eugen Margarit, and Khadar Khoshawy.

Khoshawy is already back in action while Pinsel and Margarit are still on the rail at least for now.

Old British Pounds 15.02.2023 13:20 by The Festival Team

Several players have come to Nottingham with old British pounds. Unfortunately, these aren’t accepted anymore and the only way to exchange them is at a British bank.

You must have a British bank account in order to be able to exchange. So, if anyone wants to help some of the players that need to exchange funds, please see Jason and he will help coordinate. In some cases, players might even pay a small premium for this service.

Main Event Begins 15.02.2023 13:17 by The Festival Team

Main Event Day 1a
Level 1: 1,000/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 38/38

The Main Event has kicked off with a field of 38 entries. Espen Baasto, Alan Fenney, Chris Janlow, Robert Nur, Oskar “DeckFlow” Ojaveer, Betfred qualifier Jordan Smith, and Albert Sapiano are among the early entries in the field. Players start off with a 200 big blind stack of 200,000 in chips with blinds increasing every 30 minutes.

Players can re-enter one time per opening flight until late registration closes at the conclusion of Level 8. Best of luck to all of the Main Event players!

Day 2 Begins of the PokerListings Championship 15.02.2023 13:08 by The Festival Team

PokerListings Championship Day 2
Level 15: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)
Entries: 57/383

After some announcements by The Festival Series founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk, Day 2 of the PokerListings Championship has kicked off with the 57 survivors from the three opening flights ready to battle it out to a winner. Similar to the opening flights, blinds will increase every 30 minutes. A live stream of the event is planned after the first break.

The full payouts have been announced with all players already locking up £200. The winner will go home with a bit more with a tasty £6,850 top prize along with a package to The Festival Series Malta valued at €1,600 on May 15-21. Here is a look at the full payouts:

1£ 6,850 + Package for The Festival Series Malta
2£ 4,225
3£ 3,026
4£ 2,350
5£ 1,850
6£ 1,500
7£ 1,200
8£ 950
9£ 750
10-13£ 600
14-18£ 500
19-22£ 400
23-27£ 300
28-36£ 250
37-57£ 200
Main Event Begins Today 15.02.2023 12:21 by The Festival Team
jason glatzer live from the festival nottingham

Welcome to Day 3 of The Festival Series Nottingham at Dusk Till Dawn. Today will be another thrilling day as not only will there be a champion crowned in the PokerListings Championship but also today is the day that the £200,000 guaranteed The Festival Series Nottingham £450 Main Event kicks off with the first of its four opening flights.

The first three opening flights of the Main Event feature 30-minute blind levels while the final turbo flight boasts a faster 15-minute structure. Players begin with a massive stack of 200,000 in chips and can re-enter up to once per opening flight or late register for the first eight blind levels.

Each of the opening flights will play down to 15% of the field. At this point, all players will be in the money before battling it out for two more days on Feb. 18-19 until a winner is crowned.

Other events today include the £120 Knockout at 5 p.m., the £230 Round of Each (NL/PLO) at 8 p.m. and the £120 Blackjack tournament at 9 p.m.

Also, today will be two more live-streamed Cash Game Challenges and a £56 Main Event satellite at 7 p.m.

Our coverage will begin at 12 p.m. when cards are in the air for the Main Event. However, today we will continue to focus on the entire atmosphere instead of focusing solely on one event. Stay tuned to our coverage.