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  • Malta Online Special Tournament : Franke 50 Springs

Malta Online Special Tournament : Franke 50 Springs

Malta Online Special Tournament : Franke 50 Springs

At The Festival Series, We take pride in delivering exceptional entertainment for all poker enthusiasts regardless of age, skill level, or background. We create events that cater to everyone's needs, from hobbyists to professionals, and strive to give every player a reason to keep coming back to our festivals. We value player feedback, and we've taken note of your suggestions, including the popular Franke Birthday special that took place in February.

We're excited to announce that we're bringing back the fun with a twist! Get ready for the Franke 50 Spring tournament, where we'll be celebrating Franke's "fake" birthday in style. It's going to be a blast with exciting gameplay, festive decorations, and special surprises to make it a unique and unforgettable experience.

Name: The Festival Franke 50 Spring

Online partners: pafCoolbetGUTSBetfred

Starting time: 21.04.2023, 19:00 CET, late reg. 90 minutes

Buy-in: 20 euros, unlimited rebuys + add-on

Prize pool: 3x2000€ Franke 50 Spring package GTD

Special Franke 50 Spring 2000€ package includes:

As you may know, everything has a beginning, so here we bring you a small reminder of The Festival Series creator and mastermind Martin Franke von Zweigbergk's adventures from a time when he hadn't yet crossed the threshold of turning 50. Let's hear from those who have walked this journey with him.

Rikard - A Master of Sweeping the Floor and Winning Hearts

Lay down man and say again "Who is the best"

Rikard: I hope that when Franke turns fifty, he will continue to be as athletic and busy as he has been. And I'm ready to beat him again at any time in padel, squash, and poker. I don't remember losing anything against him at all. Besides Franke, it seems that I am also very good at some things, even though people try to tell me the opposite.

Lars & PokerCity Team - Netherlands and Franke: A Perfect Match Made in Heaven

We checked from HendonMob and it turned out that Franke is really the NUMBER ONE FISH.

Lars: "Franke is one of those people who you don't have to see to know they are present. You can already hear him from a distance. But he is always the light of the party, tries to make everybody have a good time, and always reminds everyone that he is 'the number one fish'. Which is true of course… Congrats Franke!"

Henrik - a Finn who was left starving by the Champ

A True Friend always shares a food

Henrik: Franke is my favorite Swede among all the other great Börjes. We have been friends for a long time, in many cities, activities, and businesses. Sometimes sober, sometimes not. I am happy to hear the latest rumors about Franke's new era of a healthy diet, including even sprouts and chamomile tea in the morning. The legend tells that Franke has been simultaneously the champion of Estonia, Finland and Sweden in fast-eating burgers competition when he was young. Seven double steak burgers in 49 seconds. Happy birthday my dear friend and bon apetit!

Evely Pihela & The Rest of the Slowball Team - Rolling in Fun: Adventures with Wheels

Slowball - Evely Pihela

Franke is a phenomenon of his own,

Alive, fun, always full of enthusiasm shown,

A friend like Franke, everyone should know,

With laughter so contagious, it does surely glow.

Slowball - Franke always smiles

Those who know him can attest,

There's nothing funnier, it's the best,

Than Franke's laughter, ringing far and wide,

Hearts warmed by his kindness, a folk boy with pride.

Slowball-Full of emotions

As Slowball Team is full of emotions,

We shall now assist, with poetic devotions,

The Festival Series team, by them side,

To put her words in a poetic ride.

Slowball-We need more water in here

A journey with Slowball cars, so grand,

From Finland to Bulgaria, across the land,

It brings a smile, so wide and bright,

Adventures ahead, pure delight.

Franke & Evely Pihela

But, dear Franke, a reminder I give,

For red carpet events, let's not relive,

A red coat, it's out, for it may seem,

Too much like a carpet, it's not a dream.

Slowball - Only Good Memories

Instead, embrace hues of pink,

A choice that will surely make you think.

It harmonizes, adds charm and grace,

Naked of regrets, in future events it finds its place.

General Mau - From Ace High to Business Ties

The Festival Tallinn 2022 - Open Face Chinese Winner

Mau: I sincerely apologize for our extremely regrettable and childish mistake of previously publishing pictures of Franke winning The Festival Tallinn 2022 Open Face Chinese poker. Please accept our apologies, and allow me to present you with the actual winner's photo. As for our friend Franke, I only have one piece of advice for him- please purchase a larger notebook for keeping track of Chicago points next time. The small notebook simply can't accommodate all your losses anymore!

In the video below, you'll see a perfect example of me telling the truth. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that in this tournament, when the game is just getting started, I already have a big stack, while Franke is busy enjoying some tea.

Ingrid, a lifelong companion


Ingrid: For 9 years I have been admiring his energy and joy and have tried to solve the mystery behind it. He is the rolling stone, but with the difference- he doesn’t destroy anything with his rock’n’rolling and he doesn’t do it downhill- on the contrary- he creates, he connects, he inspires, he lifts up, he helps. He is there for a great deal of people. Including me and his family. Another thing I have noticed is, that he gives a lot away, not only from his bank account to casino, but from his heart. He is always there with his heart. Not brain. And maybe this is his secret- if you only do what your heart tells you to, you get ignited, and you never fail or get tired. True, sometimes, yet seldom, he slows down a bit- to read books, watch movies, discuss life, however he doesn’t do yoga yet (but I am working on it 😉). In short- he is a very wise with a lot of energy, a kind heart and good humour.

On behalf of The Festival Team, we wish Franke good luck in the 50 Springs tournament, and we apologize for the lower quality of Rikard's picture. In reality, Franke had gone under the floor after taking a loss, but we photoshopped him out.


Speaking about the nice gift offer, today at 19:00, there will start €20 "The Festival Queens" special tournament in pafCoolbetGUTSBetfred poker rooms simultaneously, with a guaranteed prize pool of 3x1000€ packages. Read more about it here or login to your preferred poker room where you can find more details as well.