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  • Empowering Women at the Table: Enter Our International Women’s Day Online Poker Tournament

Empowering Women at the Table: Enter Our International Women’s Day Online Poker Tournament

Empowering Women at the Table: Enter Our International Women’s Day Online Poker Tournament

March 8th is a significant day worldwide, celebrating the immeasurable contribution of women to society. This special day has been commemorated for years without limits on its timeline, reminding us of the endless efforts and sacrifices women make every day. On this day, it is customary for men to abstain from riding public transport, taking flights or engaging in work-related activities. Instead, they should spend quality time with their loved ones, appreciating those who have always supported them. Women are masters at reminding us of this meaningful day, and fortunately, they even mark it on the calendar in red.

We must recognize and honor the incredible strength, resilience, and beauty that women bring to the world. Women are an indispensable part of society, and their contributions are immeasurable. Let us appreciate and respect the women in our lives, from our mothers and sisters to our wives and daughters. As the great American poet Maya Angelou once said, "I am a woman, phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me." Let us celebrate and cherish the phenomenal women in our lives on this special day and every day.

Celebrate International Women's Day (8th March) with a one-off special tournament on Thursday 9th March. We understand that you may be busy on your special day, so we've scheduled the tournament for the day after. We are offering three special €1,000 packages for The Festival in Malta (15-21 May). Each package includes four nights of accommodation and two buy-ins for a ladies-only event in Malta.

Name: The Festival Queens - Men can play in the online tournament, if they win it´s an excellent gift for amazing women.

Online partners: pafCoolbetGUTSBetfred

Starting time: 09.03.2023, 19:00 CET, late reg. 60 minutes, rebuys 90 minutes

Buy-in: 20 euros, unlimited rebuys + add-on

Prize pool: 3x1000€ package GTD

The Special International Women's Day 1000€ package includes:

NB! Anyone can play The Festival Queens Online Qualifier Tournament, but the package can only be used by a woman = if a man plays and wins he needs to gift it to a female friend (but can of course be the roommate).

Dear Poker Ladies! The Fictional Team will wish you a Happy Womens Day!

Mike: A day to celebrate the women of poker, whose strength and skill leave us all in awe-ker,

IT-Nerd: to recognize their struggles at the felt, and the talent they bring to the game they've dealt.

LF aka "Legendary Footballer": From the pros to the up-and-coming stars, Female poker players show their hearts and smarts,

NSLF aka "Not So Legendary Footballer: supporting each other through wins and loss, lifting each other up, no matter the cost.

Storyteller: On this special day, let us all unite, To celebrate women's poker might, For they deserve all the love and respect, For their impact on the game, and the tables they've decked.

All together: So let us raise a toast to female poker players today, And thank them for their unwavering play, For their skill, strategy, and grace, And for bringing excitement to the poker space.

Photo credit header image featuring Kathy Yeung from Hong Kong captured at our Nottingham stop by Damian Nigro.