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  • New week, new hopes, new tournaments: Let’s make it a Meme-tastic Week

New week, new hopes, new tournaments: Let’s make it a Meme-tastic Week

New week, new hopes, new tournaments: Let’s make it a Meme-tastic Week

Exactly 20 days from now, The Festival Malta 2023 will begin. The Festival Series 5th edition will be hosted by the richly historic Portomaso Casino, which has previously organized dozens if not hundreds of events, including the European Poker Tour (EPT). A total of 50 tournaments will be played during the festival, including a variety of mixed games (Sviten Special, Open Face Chinese, PLO 4-5-6, H.O.R.S.E, etc.). Players can also enjoy Blackjack and Roulette tournaments. You can find the exact tournament schedule here.

It is possible to qualify for Festival Malta through our various online partners. One such place is Unibet, where you can start your journey to Malta for as little as 0.40 cents. Satellite tournaments are structured based on a "tree" logic, where at the top you'll find €250 Thursday final. And for those who think that it is not possible to qualify by starting at a lower level, this myth has been shattered by Hans de Hond and Attila Erdei, who have already qualified and can be met in Malta.

Unibet weekly key events:

Starting timeNameBuy-InPrice
25.04.2023 20:00 CETUnibet Live: The Festival Malta Seat Only - 1x €550 GTD€50max 2 rebuys1x €550 The Festival Malta Main Event Seat
25.04.2023 20:05 CETUnibet Live: The Festival Qualifier - 4x €250€ GTD€10unlimited rebuys4x €250 Thursday Final tickets
27.04.2023 20:00 CETUnibet Live: The Festival Malta - 2x €1,600 GTD€250max 1 rebuy2x €1,600 package

Franke is a better player than expected.

Thursday, 20.04, Franke played €250 tournament and once the final table starts, our hero found himself at the final table with a massive CL: But then Franke's Internet decide to not work anymore, so .. the man decide to go to sleep 3rd place.

On Friday The Festival creator Martin played alongside "SpokersBowl". Watch the fun video to see what exactly the guys were discussing among themselves and who won a side bet between those two guys.

Franke commented: "If we compare last month's results, I had a better outcome than our weekly streamers Jacob and Joseph. This week, I'm focusing on the organizational side of the festival and won't be appearing on screen, but you can still see me playing in online tournaments. Specifically, I'll be taking part in Unibet's flip tournaments, which are easy to win"

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