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Meet The Location Of The Festival – Nottingham

Meet The Location Of The Festival – Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the more famous cities in the United Kingdom for many reasons, one large one being the fact that the tales of Robin Hood originated in the city. The East Midlands city also contains an 11th-century castle in Nottingham Castle, which is a popular tourist attraction for both domestic visitors and people who travel from all over the world.

Nottingham’s Nightlife & Pub Scene

There are so many things you can do in Nottingham. Seeing the historical landmarks of the past or enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the present. Nottingham has a buzzing nightlife scene, with lots of different bars, clubs, and pubs that make the city perfect for a bar crawl or a wander. 

Nottingham actually boasts England’s oldest inn, with the pub ‘Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem’ claiming to have been created in 1189 and still in existence today. You will find that there are over 260 pubs in Nottingham, giving it the right to one of the ‘pub capitals’ of the UK.

Franke´s recommendation: Well 260 pubs. It takes me about 6 hours to reach all these places. How long were the Main Event breaks between poker games? 10 minutes? Okay, so I can't get everywhere, but you certainly can. Unless you do not decide to play the Main Event together with me.

Go Watch Nottingham’s Sports Teams

As well as the oldest pub in the UK, Nottingham also claims the right to the oldest football league side in the form of Premier League club Nottingham Forest. 

When you visit Nottingham, you can visit the historical football stadium that is the City Ground or go watch non-league Notts County play at the Meadow Lane ground. Both clubs have a widely passionate fanbase that creates electric atmospheres for their home games. 


  • Notts County vs Barnet, National League game, 14.02.2023, at 19:45 p.m.
  • Nottingham Forest vs Manchester City, Premier League game, 18.02.2023, at 17:00 p.m.

30-40 minutes by rent car or taxi from the casino is the home stadium of Mansfield Town. Currently, Mansfield playing in League Two level and they will host a game against Gillingham on 11.02.2023 at 5 p.m.

60 minutes by car from the casino is also Derby County's home stadium Pride Park, where The Rams host two home games during the week - on 14.02.2023 against Lincoln & on 18.02.2023 against Charlton.


  • Nottingham Panthers vs Belfast Giants, 14.02.2023, at 19:30 p.m.

Read more about the local hockey team from their official webpage and make sure you are following our social media page because there might come some giveaway games for ice-hockey game tickets.

Franke´s recommendation: Trust me, "AIK" is way better than either of those mentioned local football clubs, but speaking under the radar, then I would rather miss the chance to win another OFC tourney than I would miss that Panthers game. Luckily OFC Highroller is on Sunday and then there is no hockey game so I won't miss anything! I won again, haha!

Historical Landmarks in Nottingham

For the more historically-minded, Nottingham is home to Wollaton Hall, a Victorian-era estate that makes you feel as if you have gone back in time whilst you walk on the grounds. 

Nottingham’s Lace Market is now a protected heritage zone in the UK, showing a bygone era through the redbrick factories and warehouse that once hosted lace makers. Nottingham Castle provides a fantastic view of the city but also hosts a museum storing medals, regimental uniforms, Anglo-Saxon brooches, and artwork dating back to the 6th century. 

Franke´s recommendation: As You all know, we Vikings, bring cultural history to the UK. Now we are bringing them poker, so don't forget that there is a Pokerlistings Championship that starts already a day before the real Festival starts. Unless you are against that we are bringing that trophy too back to Scandinavia. Like we had brought many other things historically.

Nottingham’s Variety of Entertainment

If you are more artistically inclined or seeking entertainment in Nottingham you can visit the Nottingham Theatre Royal, a historical city landmark that dates back to the late 18th century and does everything from high-end theatrical productions to musicals and performances. If those did not give you your fix, there are many cinemas, restaurants, and rustic cafés that are situated throughout the city.  

Franke´s recommendation: Trust me. You should look out at the Theatre Royal tickets for seats Tier 1 or 2 if you ever want a panoramic view of the orchestra. But if you are looking to see the real conductor then make sure that you secure your seat at the Hendon Mob Championships through Luxon Pay. Because I am there during the time while you might listening to Handel.

Travelling To & Around Nottingham

Traveling around Nottingham is incredibly easy for both domestic and international guests. If you are traveling from within the UK, it is easy to find a train route to Nottingham Station from anywhere in the UK, and the city’s tram network makes it simple to get around for a cheap price.

Flying in from overseas will see you land in East Midlands, with a huge amount of options via buses and trams to get to the city center speedily and cheaply. Accommodation in the city center can be costly if you come during a special event or do not book in advance, so it is encouraged to look at Nottingham’s hotel prices and availability as soon as possible. Please contact us via [email protected] if you are in trouble finding accommodation.

Franke's recommendation: When I usually come to Nottingham then I am always checking the flights via East Midlands, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, or Luton airport. From each of those airports, there is plenty of local public transport possibilities to reach Nottingham. In some of those places, you can come by train. Check also taxis/ private cabs if you come via East Midlands or Birmingham. A Nottingham local taxi company is quoting £30 from East Midlands, and £80 from Birmingham. Here is even one phone number for taxi calling -> 0115 9700700. On the other hand, I recommend doing like Robin Hood in his time. Jump on the horse and just ride here. How hard can that be? Just once you start playing that traveling game with your horse make sure that you reach here on time. I remind you that the real HU tournament starts on the 13th of February at 18 p.m.