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Optibet Sundays: Two Men, One TV channel

Optibet Sundays: Two Men, One TV channel

The countdown to the Festival Rozvadov has begun with just 77 days left until the excitement unfolds. In this window of opportunity, there's enough time to prepare for the sweet poker experience. From booking flights and packing suitcases to mentally gearing up for intense gameplay, these 77 days offer the perfect opportunity to ensure every aspect is finely tuned for success on the felt.

Optibet finals play out on Sundays - 1 x €1,500 package guaranteed

If you already have your bags packed and flights booked, one place to spend these 77 days could be Optibet Poker. Some people say it's poker heaven that also offers the chance to qualify for The Festival Rozvadov through a diverse satellite tournament tree, with guaranteed finals featuring a €1500 package.

Details: €1,500 The Festival Optibet Package

Rozvadov 2024:

  • 1x €550 The Festival Rozvadov Main Event
  • 250€ Side-Event buy-ins
  • 700€ travel money directly into Optibet account (you can use it for flight tickets or accommodation)

» More Info: Optibet Satellites - Optibet

Two Mans, two Shows, One Twitch TV Channel

During these Sunday finals, WinTV Twitch streams are live with alternating hosts. One Sunday, you might catch Estonian favorite Kristjan Laas, often accompanied by a well-known guest like for example next Sunday, voice actor and multi-talent Mark Oja. On another Sunday, it's time for Madis Müür to take over. This man, who reached the final at the PCA tournament in the Bahamas in 2014, is making a poker comeback with Win TV and Optibet's support. It's going to be exciting to see if he can clinch a package to The Festival during the games.

The Festival team decided to give both hosts a call to have a little chat and see what plans they have.

The Festival: Hello guys! Long time no see! How are you?"

Kristjan: "Thank you for asking, Kristjan is doing well. I'm preparing for tomorrow's show here. I must admit honestly that when I interview guests live on air, I usually don't have questions prepared in advance. I let the conversation flow naturally. There's a general direction and goal in mind, but the specifics unfold as we work through it. So, it's more accurate to say that I'm not really doing anything at the moment, just going with the flow."

Madis: "I'm fine too and taking a break this weekend. I'm enjoying spending time with my family and staying away from poker"

The Festival: Speaking of smoothly transitioning to the Sunday Win TV shows, both of you alternate as Optibet's show hosts. Can you tell us a bit more about these shows, what you do, etc.?

Kristjan: "I'll kick things off since I've been hosting the shows for a while now, Madis is still a bit of a rookie. I host the show "Pokkerimängijal Külas"(Guests of the Poker Player), where, before hitting the poker tables, I invite as a guest someone well-known from Estonia. They might not always be big on poker, but they're always interesting folks, and we have a chat. We also get the viewers involved, letting them ask questions in the comments. The most common question they ask? Whether our guest enjoys disc golf. It always gets a good laugh—kind of a little joke, but it's all in good fun. After the interview, I dive into the poker action and stream my gameplay. I take part in various Sunday tournaments, including trying my luck at winning The Festival Series package. No luck on that front yet, but I've had a couple of wins in the Sunday Special $109 Omaha tournament during the streams. I won consecutive first and second-place victories in the Sunday Special $109 Omaha tournament, all while being featured on the live stream."

Madis Müür - Win TV Host

Madis: "I've been away from poker for quite a while, but now I'm making a comeback with Optibet and Win TV on Sundays. Essentially, I stream primarily playing Spins Overdrive, but since my skills are a bit rusty, the most exciting part for me is when the Spin starts, and it randomly selects a multiplier with animated movement. I haven't hit any big multipliers yet, but there's still time for that. As the Estonian saying goes, 'Slow and steady wins the race.' Additionally, I want to clarify to Kristjan that besides viewer questions, we also heavily involve our audience in various ways - we conduct giveaways, share merchandise, and more."

The Festival: Optibet is available to players in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. What language do you stream in?"

Kristjan Laas - Win TV Host

Kristjan: Our streams are primarily conducted in Estonian to cater to our local audience. However, we're flexible and accommodate viewers who may not speak Estonian. If they stumble upon our channel, we make sure to adapt and provide a multifunctional experience. Sveiki Gatis. Kate viet Matīss.Maini sauts Kristjan. Es tevi milu.

The Festival: "Speaking of Estonia and poker, Madis, it's been 10 years since you attended the PCA poker tour in the Bahamas. Tell us a bit about your past poker trips and when the next one is coming.

Madis: "Indeed, time flies, it's hard to believe it's been 10 years already. Back then, I played in quite a few different poker festivals, including the mentioned PCA where I managed to win over half a million dollars, which held the top spot on The Hendon Mob leaderboard for a long time as the biggest single poker win by an Estonian player. Eventually, my good friend Markku Koplimaa surpassed it in 2019. However, as a professional poker player at the time, online satellites were a great way to win poker packages to various destinations. Besides poker, it was also an opportunity to see beautiful places, and anyone going on a poker trip should take 1 or 2 days off from grinding. Charging up in the sun or exploring the city is also exciting. While I haven't won The Festival Series package yet, I've heard positive feedback about your hospitality events, and I hope to participate in them in the future."

The Festival: "Lastly, touching on the best and the superior, here's a slightly compromising classic question as well - which one of you is the better poker player?"

Kristjan: "Madis may be a legend, but I wouldn't be a poker player if I didn't consider myself better. As proof, just recently I was all-in against Madis on a Q, 6, 6, 10, 3 board. Madis folded with ace high, and I flashed a bluff with jack high."

Madis: "I'm rusty, so Kristjan probably."

The Festival: "Finally, I'll let you have the last word. How would you advertise yourselves? How would you present yourselves?"

Kristjan: "If you want to see a man who folds queens preflop, then watch us on Sundays."

Madis: .. (laughs to himself)"Yeah, that was one crazy fold.

At this juncture, it's important to clarify that the gentlemen were discussing a hand played by Madis Müür during the PCA Bahamas tournament in 2014. In this hand, Madis folded a QQ hand at the final table when faced with Mike McDonald's AK 6 bet shove. This hand later sparked considerable discussion in poker circles globally, igniting a conversation on the Two Plus Two forum regarding ICM implications etc.