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  • Player of The Festival – We Award the Best Overall Player in Bratislava

Player of The Festival – We Award the Best Overall Player in Bratislava

Player of The Festival – We Award the Best Overall Player in Bratislava

After two successful events in Bratislava (September 2021) and Tallinn (June 2022), The Festival's founder Martin ''Franke'' von Zweigbergk thought it was the perfect moment to award a prize to the best allround player of The Festival Series.

During our next upcoming event in Bratislava (Oct 10-16), it is possible for all players to win the coveted Player of The Festival Prize. To kick it off in style, this award is not just about the honor, but also comes with a huge prize. Namely, a full package worth €1,600 for the next stop of The Festival Series. In addition to that, the winner also gets a seat at the table of the next Charity Event, worth €1,000.

How the Festival Player Ranking Works

Each player is awarded ranking points for each event they play. The higher they finish, the more points can be earned. However, we thought it was important that players who did not make the money should also be awarded points, by means of fixed participation points for each participant in an event.

The points in each event are weighed by the buy-in, the number of participants and the position of the player. On top every player receives a certain amount of base points for every event they enter. A link to the exact calculation can be found below.

We asked The Festival Founder Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk about this wonderful and if he expects himself to be a contestant for the 1st prize, as by all means, he does play a bit like a loose cannon! He told us:

Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk
Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk

"We will have a 7-day long Festival week, with over 40 different tournaments across different disciplines such as Roulette, Blackjack, Sportsbook, PLO/PLO8, No-Limit Hold’em, mixed-games, just to name a few. It's obvious that this is a Festival where you can truly identify a champion across all disciplines. Within our team, we have spent several days creating a ranking system that does not by default award the Player of the Festival title to the Main Event winner. But instead, have a system that awards a few points here and there based on participation, but even more points based on ITM finishes and of course weighted with the buy-in level as well as the total number of participants. To verify our ranking system, for example, we calculated me playing almost every tournament and as usual, having almost no cashes. Will I then be the champion? No, it is enough to win the Main Event to rank higher than me. Good luck to all our players and let’s crown a champion in Bratislava!’’

Example Calculation

Let's take a look at an example point calculation.

Let's say we have the following six players:

  • Mighty Melvin: 9 Cashes and one High Roller victory
  • Tiptop Totti: Main Event runner-up and one High Roller victory
  • Brilliant Björne: 7 Cashes
  • Fishy Franke: Plays every event, wins the OFC, no other cashes
  • Random Ruben: Plays only the Main Event, wins it
  • Jubilant Jason: 7 Final Tables

This is what their final points might look like:

€550 Main Event117120118629
€1050 NLHE HR11292111026
€250 OFC401229016
€1050 PLO HR2702611029
€250 Texas Turbo600600
€125 8-Game20152016
€125 Knock-Out200200
€250 Slots30183019
€250 Roulette30183019

Simply winning the Main Event is not enough to clinch victory and playing every event is also not awarding enough points to really make a difference. This rating system is going to reward the player that plays consistently well throughout the entire week.

Are you the all-round player who thinks he can beat them all? You will find all relevant information and terms and conditions through the following link:

» The Festival Ranking System