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  • The Festival Series Spotlight – The HendonMob Championship 2023

The Festival Series Spotlight – The HendonMob Championship 2023

The Festival Series Spotlight – The HendonMob Championship 2023

We are back with a saga of tournament spotlights! This time we are on the verge of making our way to The Festival Series Bratislava 2023, being held from November 26th up to December 3rd at the famous Banco Casino. In case you haven’t heard about us, our tournament series is not only focused on poker, nor only on casino games, but mainly on celebrating the joy what poker brings to us and to maintain the progress of increasing the poker community. One of the main pillars in the poker industry is the world’s biggest search engine for live tournament results in poker, The HendonMob. With approximately around 800,000 unique players in their database, over 4 million tournaments, and countless rankings going from city, to country, onto the entire world. For the fourth consecutive time, we will celebrate this collaboration with offering you a special The HendonMob Championship tournament within our circle of poker. Not only does the winner receive one of the exclusive trophies of The Hendonmob itself, he or she will also receive a unique Festival Series trophy, alongside fame, glory, and a nice pay check.

The HendonMob Championship Bratislava 2023

  • The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1- 30.11.2023, at 14:00 p.m.
  • The Hendon Mob Championship Day 2 - 01.12.2023, at 21:00 p.m.
  • Starting stack: 30,000
  • Levels: 30 minutes
  • Late registration: 8 levels
  • Unlimited re-entries
  • Buy-in: €225+€25

Not only does the winner of the tournament receive a specialized THMC trophy, it comes together with glorious fame and ultimate bragging rights. If that’s not enough, all players who will make it to the money spots, will receive a special THMC flag added to their Hendonmob profile. For all the flag hunters out there, this is your chance of collecting a unique flag!

Hans Kleinsman - Representative The HendonMob

History Charts The HendonMob Championship at The Festival Series:

  • Buy-In: €250
  • Entries: 102
  • Prize Pool: €22,032
  • Date: May 19, 2023
  • Full Results: Malta 2023

Return of a Former Champion of The Festival Series

Colin Lovelock had won the PokerListings Deepstack during our Festival Series Nottingham in February 2023. Not only did he went back-to-back in Malta 2023 with reaching the same final table of that exact same tournament, he managed to secure himself another great spot in a deep structured tournament, namely the one of The HendonMob Championship. Lovelock didn't seem to be a mayfly in the first place, and he confirmed it when being on the cosy island of Malta, at Portomaso Casino in St. Julians.

The HendonMob Championship was this time only as a One-Day tournament on the fully-packed schedule at The Festival Series. Still a stunning 102 entries were made during this great event on our calendar, and eventually got won by Jonas Byberg Engedal. Not only did he win this prestigious tournament, topping stars of the hour, David Lappin, Oskar 'Deckflow' Ojaveer, Sander van Dijk, and Kevin Malone, he also secured his personal's best with this fine result.

PlaceCountryPlayer NamePrize
1Jonas Engedal€6,100
2Danielle Coroneo€3,800
3Stavros Tsakas€2,400
4Oskar “Deckflow” Ojaveer€1,800
5Daniel Kuhlmann€1,482
6Paula Ensink€1,200
7David Lappin€900
8Morgan Stenberg€700
9Vallo Maidla€590
10Neville Grech€530
11Sander van Dijk€530
12Colin Lovelock€500
13Kevin Malone€500
14Dukai Csongor€500
15Andreas Simml€500

Qualify for the next Festival Series

The Festival Series is known for having numerous of possibilities to get your hands on one of the Full Packages being offered. Not only have there been possibilities to participate in special promotions such as the Photo Challenge, the WinTV Challenge, the CasinoTogether Streamers Challenge, but also in previous events you were able to score one of these Legendary Package Deals. With countless online operators partnered up with The Festival Series, you have a chance on playing yourself literally towards Bratislava! Find out which operators are collaborating with us, and try and scoop one of these amazing packages DAILY!

Hall Of Fame : The HendonMob Championship

Jonas Engedal - Winner THMC Malta '23 for €6,100

Reem Ahmed - Winner THMC Nottingham '23 for £6,715

Peter Zolnaj - Winner THMC Bratislava '22 for €7,000