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  • Side Game Give-Aways at The Festival in Bratislava

Side Game Give-Aways at The Festival in Bratislava

Side Game Give-Aways at The Festival in Bratislava

The Festival Series offers dozens of poker tournaments, a handful of casino championships, sports competitions, cash games 24/7 and daily activities off the tables. But we're not content with only that, we also offer side-side games allowing players to win packages for our next stop in Nottingham.

Here's an overview of all the side-side games we have that offer a €1,600 package for the winner each:

Franke's Flip Flop Challenge

Flip Flops

The flips are run by the tournament registration in the evening hours (9 pm - 11 pm) or whenever enough players want to play.

The player who wins the most flips over the course of the entire Festival also wins a full package for our next Festival stop which will be announced shortly.

Cash Game Challenge

Cash Game Challenge

During the entire week, we’re running the Cash Game Challenge. Those are daily cash game sessions (some of which are streamed on our final table) with various blind levels and different poker variants. Each of those sessions lasts exactly 135 minutes. We keep score of who wins how many big blinds in each session and whoever is most successful at the end of the week wins a package to our next Festival stop, also worth €1,600.

Texas Hold'em Surprise

Thursday, October 13 we're running a tournament called #30 NL Surprise. The surprise in this event is that we add a full package to the next stop to the prize pool.

Player of the Series

Player of thh Series

It is possible for all players to win the coveted Player of The Festival Prize. To kick it off in style, this award is not just about the honor, but also comes with a huge prize. Namely, a full package worth €1,600 for the next stop of The Festival Series. In addition to that, the winner also gets a seat at the table of the next Charity Event, worth €1,000.

Each player is awarded ranking points for each event they play. The higher they finish, the more points can be earned. However, we thought it was important that players who did not make the money should also be awarded points, by means of fixed participation points for each participant in an event.

The points in each event are weighed by the buy-in, the number of participants and the position of the player. On top, every player receives a certain amount of base points for every event they enter. 

Details about the Player of the Series Rating