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  • Coolbet Qualifiers: Today Jevakims The Festival Special

Coolbet Qualifiers: Today Jevakims The Festival Special

Coolbet Qualifiers: Today Jevakims The Festival Special

The Festival Malta will take place from 15 to 21 May at Portomaso Casino and there are only a few weeks left until it starts. More specifically, two and a bit more. There is still a lot of work to be done on the organizational side of the festival. One such element is the final online qualifiers taking place in recent weeks. Coolbet, as one of our longest-standing partners, offers daily qualification opportunities, and starting today at 20:00 CET, another Jevakims The Festival Special special tournament will take place, where the prize fund includes one € 1300 euro package guaranteed to The Festival Malta.

Many of you are probably familiar with the existence of Jevakims The Festival Special tournaments, but we would like to remind you of some of the key topics about it:

  • Starting time: 20.00 CET
  • Buy-in: €30
  • Levels: 10 min
  • Starting stack: 25,000
  • Late reg: 10 levels, max 2 re-entries

If you want to experience today's action directly, you can do it with Ylva through her Twitch channel, where in addition to Ylva, Norwegian player Marius Høgtun help to fill the airwaves today. The stream starts when the game starts so make sure to turn the channel on air at the right time.

Marius Høgtun - Online poker streams help keep the community united

The Festival Media team also caught up with Marius Høgtun on the phone to ask him a few questions about the game of poker.

The Festival Media: Hey Marius! You are quite familiar with the activities of The Festival Series and have visited us before in Bratislava 2022, where, among other things, our next stop after Malta will take place. How would you rate your experiences at The Festival Series events so far and how much poker-related travel do you do?

Marius: Yes it is. Overall, Bratislava left an indelible impression on me. I didn't manage to play in the Blackjack or Roulette tournament, but I plan to fix this cosmetic flaw for sure.

I've been playing poker my whole life, including visiting major events on the other side of the Atlantic, which is probably the dream destination of any self-respecting poker player. However, I recommend everyone to start dreaming small and first visit Malta on May 15-21. I haven´t decided yet to go to Malta as some loose ends still need to be fixed but I definitely want to go there.

The Festival Media: Today you will join Ylva in the stream. How important is that kind of thing as streamings for Norwegian's poker community?

Marius: Since we do not have the possibility to organize official LIVE gatherings in Norway due to the law, all events that take place online including the so-called streaming will help to connect the local community and it will certainly have an effect on the popularization of the game of poker. Ylva and other streamers like the Wedde Brothers, Jon Kyte, Christian Arstad, etc. do a very good job in this regard to keep the community together.

Probably many will agree with me when I say that sitting alone in a room with a blanket over your head and a computer on your knees is quite boring. At the same time, playing by yourself and chatting with other players playing at the same time and live along with the stream gives a bit of the atmosphere of LIVE tournaments. Although I have to mention that it is much more authentic to do things with the community face-to-face. The last time we all met together was at the Norwegian Championships where I manage to cash twice but of the few victories, I consider it more important that I saw many old friends and met new ones as well. The same plans are also in mind for Malta. Poker players are fun people to meet - even Swedes although sometimes they can be very annoying.

I must also highlight Ylva's activity in connecting the commune. For example, she hosts Shuffleboard games for poker players and other happy people alike, and I hope to see events like this on The Festival Series' official tournament schedule in the future.

We agree with what Marius said that the majority of poker players are unusually warm people and happy people. Speaking of good news, for those who have not yet managed to make a hotel reservation for The Festival Malta, we have still some of the last hotel rooms left for our Malta stop. Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel, Valentina Hotel, or Mercure St. Julian's Malta Hotel - pick up which one you would prefer more and book your stay now. For more hotel information, check here or contact our team by e-mail.