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  • Who Will secure a package during Fridays’ Ladies Qualifier?

Who Will secure a package during Fridays’ Ladies Qualifier?

Who Will secure a package during Fridays’ Ladies Qualifier?

The Festival Series is at it again folks! On November 3rd at 19:00 CET, there will be yet another Ladies Qualifier which gives you the opportunity to secure your Festival package for just a bargain price of €20. It is going to be promised to be a true spectacle, resulting in a big playing field in one of the most unique qualifiers so far. The previous editions of the Ladies Qualifier all reached its guaranteed prize pools and give plenty of cash prizes additional to the three guaranteed packages, worth each a decent €1,000. Most of the poker players out there are males, so we have thought about that as well! Men can also participate in the event, but if they will manage to get their hands on one of the packages, they will need to donate it to a female player. You are still eligible to share the hotel etc, but the tournaments and the ‘special treatment’ event are meant to be used by ladies only.

Previous editions Ladies Qualifier

Not even too long ago, we had our previous edition of the Ladies Qualifier. It was eventually female players Elisabeth Nordskog and Siv Vekseth who secured a package for The Festival Series Bratislava 2023, accompanied by the only man in the name of Arild Fjeset who secured a package himself as well to donate to a female player. The guaranteed prize pool was widely reached, giving several cash prizes as well.

There is just one month left, before we kick off The Festival Series Bratislava 2023 in style, with our first Mixed Games Main Event, and the historical Deepstack Tournament on November 26th. For this event, there are still plenty of packages available through online qualifiers. Every day, every week, dozens of packages are being handed out. But let’s be fair, the Ladies Qualifier package is perhaps one of the most prestigious ones out there!

Ladies Qualifier Tournament Information:

The €1,000 package consists of:

  • SINGLE/DOUBLE or TWIN room at Hotel Marriot (or similar) for 5 nights Tuesday the 28th of November until Sunday the 3th of December 2023.
  • All breakfasts included
  • Special invite to "treatment" for up to 2 (must be ladies)
  • 1 x €125 buy-in to event #38 The Festival Queens (Ladies Event)
  • 1 x €125 buy-in to poker/blackjack/roulette/slot/sports betting tournament (free to choose)
Noelia Ivars Rico

Introduction: Noelia Ivars Rico

We are beyond happy that players like Noelia Ivars Rico are visiting our Festival Series every single time. She is a member of The Gambling Cabin and well-respected character within the Swedish poker scene. Not only does she promote poker in any way possible, she always wins tournaments on a regular base! Keep an eye out for this great personality at the poker tables in Bratislava, because she is aiming to add more wins to her resume!

Noelia Ivars Rico: ''The Festival Series is known for its dynamic atmosphere and gathers players from many different backgrounds and different parts of the world. A place where we meet and get to devote ourselves to our great passion, poker. What makes The Festival so special is that there is a diverse player base with many different events, there is something for everyone. I'm so glad that The Festival offers a Ladies event, as we women in the poker world are such a large minority. I think it's fun that we get to come together as it creates a strong community and promotes inclusion within the poker world. The ladies event highlights a supportive community among female gamers. Giving us women a platform to come together and flourish is a big step towards making the world of poker more diverse and representative of all players. By having a Ladies' event, it's just a little more fun as usual tournaments :)''

Anne Bezdek

Introduction: Anne Bezdek

When you have been on one of our previous editions in Bratislava or Tallinn, or if you have visited any other event in those cities, you must have seen our lovely Anne Bezdek at the poker tables. Hailing from Finland, her favourites are mixed games like many other Nordic countries. A true gem to the poker scene, and above all a wonderful personality to have around!

Anne Bezdek: ''The fact that The Festival Series is being held Banco Casino in Bratislava, one of the nicest casinos of Eastern Europe, defines what great job they are doing for us poker players. The atmosphere and staff is so friendly, and to have numerous events in the schedule is for every player good. Mixed games are my favourite and cash games are being offered 24/7, including dealer choice :) And now you also have a Mixed Games Main Event, Franke and his team are good fur us Mixed Games players, let's embrace that. The Ladies Event is epic as well, bringing along a really great vibe. I would recommend the upcoming qualifier to any female player to join!''

Elisabeth Nordskog

Introduction: Elisabeth Nordskog

With an extraordinary passion for poker, Elisabeth has been involved in the poker industry for a while now. We know her as a photographer and social media expert for one of our online partners called Coolbet. She has recently won two packages for The Festival Series Bratislava 2023, and one of them was won during the previous edition of the Ladies Qualifier! Just like any other Norwegian, she is a great example of how live poker needs to be approached: Passion, Kindness, Fun, Professional when it has to be!

Elisabeth Nordskog: ''Norwegians during live events are always a party. Everyone is happy, everyone includes everyone, and if you don't know anyone before, you usually get to know each other in a relatively short time. A lot of laughter and joy, but also the seriousness of playing real poker! we cheer each other on, learn from each other and travel the world meeting people with the same passion for cards! Just the way we love it! The vibe is there always!

Poker is also very male-dominated. - Fortunately, over the years, more and more women have entered this sport and passion. We have women who have very good results in poker, and that only proves that the women also assert themselves at the top. For me - love this! this sport, passion, job, hobby - call it what you want! I'm really looking forward to The Festival in Bratislava in November! - I recently played 2 satellites, and won two packages! - Can't complain about the outcome there! I really hope to see as many as possible in Bratislava! I love that place!''

Ylva 'Jevakim' Thorsrud

Introduction: Ylva 'Jevakim' Thorsrud

Ylva has been visiting The Festival Series from the very beginning so it is very much likely you have been playing against her during our events. Mixed Games are her specialty for several years now, but she knows how to play No-Limit Hold'em very well, resulting in great scores! With her online alias name ''Jevakim'' she is known in the online streaming world on Twitch and as an ambassador of Coolbet, she even has her own Qualifiers available to join for The Festival Series Bratislava!

Ylva ‘Jevakim’ Thorsrud: ''I am looking so forward to another The Festival Series in Bratislava! With so good variety of tournaments and stakes, from fun mixed games to one of my favourite tournaments, Ladies event! Hoping to see a lot of strong women in poker and beginners join to Bratislava, my new favourite city the last years to play poker in Europe! Great restaurants, hospitality, good wine and a beautiful city. Also great excellence of the staff and service at the Casino! Hope to see you all join the Ladies qualifier on Friday, witch I will stream on my channel: Twitch.tv/Jevakim (in english)''

NB! Anyone can play The Festival Queens Online Qualifier Tournament, but the package can only be used by a woman = if a man plays and wins he needs to gift it to a female friend (but can of course be the roommate).