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Notable Names coming to Bratislava

Notable Names coming to Bratislava

The one and only reason for about The Festival Series is to have a live poker event which is open to any kind of budget, attracting both recreational poker players but also (semi) professional poker players. We believe that this great mix of poker fanatics is key for pure enjoyment at the poker tables and beyond, resulting in great hospitality events and side events full of epicness, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. At every stop of our Festival Series there are several notable names present who are known to a great share of the poker communities all around and with this article we would like to introduce you to some of them who confirmed their stay in Bratislava. Make sure to follow the live blog and check out the live stream during the event. Action will be juicy!

Name: Dainius “Dainiux” Antanaitis


Total Live Earnings: $140,099

Biggest Live Win: $51,075

Name: CasinoTogether

Country: X

Total Live Earnings: Hidden

Biggest Live Win: Hidden

Player Details: One of the main guys of CasinoTogether is Milan Ljubisic, who became second during the Roulette tournament at our previous stop in Malta. As part of CasinoTogether he will be visiting Bratislava and show his poker- and casino games skills to the main crowd. Alongside famous slots streamers CholaPC and Anuro, and other famous online streamers, they will be trying to crush the casino events for sure. Will they be able to turn Bratislava upside down?

Luke Croft and Simon Dodd

Name: Doddy The Viking


Total Live Earnings: Hidden

Biggest Live Win: Hidden

Player Details: Simon Dodd is currently one of the biggest names in the online streaming world. With crazy scores and epic content he keeps on entertaining his community day in day out. He has been visiting us before and will be attending our stop in Bratislava as well. He often plays the cash games, so if you looking for a real opponent, Doddy the Viking is your guy!

Matiss Celmins

Name: Matiss Celmins


Total Live Earnings: $64,101

Biggest Live Win: $14,086

Player Details: Matiss is someone who lives from and for poker. By being a poker coach and a online grinder he is already a busy man. Now he wants to blend in some live poker events so he can gain even more experience in that part of poker. We have had an interview with him recently where you will have a better view of Matiss and what he is offering as a poker coach. The Optibet Ambassador will be present in Bratislava, so if you want to raise up the stakes in poker, try to get hold of him and perhaps he can fit you right in his busy schedule as a poker coach!

Balasz Somodi

Name: Balasz Somodi


Total Live Earnings: $593,145

Biggest Live Win: $140,452

Player Details: Balasz from Hungary is a poker player who loves to travel around to live events. He is a real family man and often he brings his family along as well. Malta, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, United States, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, he has been everywhere for the game of poker. When look at his live results, he has had quite some good cashes, despite that his biggest cash dates back to 2011. Perhaps time to adjust that during our next Festival Series stop in Bratislava because Balasz will be part of the poker fanatics who come to visit us.

Ísak Atli Finnbogason

Name: Ísak Atli Finnbogason


Total Live Earnings: x

Biggest Live Win: $13,462

Player Details: One of the finest Icelandic online Spins and Heads-Up players is Isak Atli Finnbogason. He will be coming to The Festival Series for the second time and we are absolutely positive he will be loving the vibe once again, as Icelandic players often tend to do during live events! With Franke's Flip 'n Go games on the schedule again, we predict Isak being one of the contestants who could potentially claim the title by the end of the week. If you are short-handed with this player, think twice before you act!

Michel Molenaar

Name: Michel Molenaar


Total Live Earnings: $749,361

Biggest Live Win: $221,755

Player Details: Michel Molenaar is the defending champion of The Festival Series Bratislava. Last year he really had his breakthrough in the live poker circuit with this victory, giving him the record of biggest live score in Slovakian poker history. After that win, he kept on going with good results at live events in Malta and Ireland. He is a player who reads the game very well, and recently moved to Austria to be able to improve his poker skills even more. Molenaar is going all the way, and we are very proud he is one of our Main Event Champions!

Jon Kyte

Name: Jon Kyte


Total Live Earnings: $1,214,543

Biggest Live Win: $282,363

Player Details: The name of Jon Kyte is a name which shines on many lists. It wasn't a hard choice to get this Norwegian rockstar in the list of notable names. His resume in the live poker world speaks for itself, and he keeps on expanding his trophy collection every single year. Lately he made his dream reality by winning a massive trophy in America, let's see if he can deal with the pressure of becoming an OFC champion once again at our Festival Series!

Name: Oskar Wedde and Jonathan Wedde


Total Live Earnings: $136,349 + $15,115

Biggest Live Win: $47,644 + $4,169

Player Details: Oskar Wedde is mostly known for his Twitch Channel alongside his brother Jonathan, and for being ambassadors for one of our online partners called Coolbet. Together they form 'The Wedde Brothers' and often travel to live poker events all throughout. Oskar is a player who understand the Hold'em game well, and is not a stranger to mixed games either. Like any other Norwegian poker player perhaps. Definitely a player to look out for, and above all, a great personality to have around! Same counts for brother Jonatan, who had a decent run at our event in Nottingham.

Ruurd Nauta

Name: Ruurd Nauta


Total Live Earnings: $109,696

Biggest Live Win: $24,804

Player Details: Ruurd Nauta has been visiting our recent events in Malta and Bratislava together with his poker coaching group called 'PokerStudie', which recently also partnered up with The Festival Series. Ruurd is one of the owners of the brand and they aim to improve the Dutch poker community. Recently he had a big run during the Dutch Classics in Czech Republic, but didn't manage to reach the final table. We have strong hopes that in Bratislava it will happen for this youngster from a province in The Netherlands called 'Fryslan'.

Bas de Laat

Name: Bas de Laat


Total Live Earnings: $758,552

Biggest Live Win: $144,078

Player Details: When we took note that Bas de Laat would be coming to visit us in Bratislava, it made us very proud. Bas is already for years gone from his original country The Netherlands, but this for sure didn't stop him from following his poker dream. Ironically enough, he has won his biggest live event in The Netherlands during the Masterclassics. A great personality, and a great asset for the poker community as a whole. Very happy to have him on board!

Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk

Name: Martin 'Franke' von Zweigbergk


Total Live Earnings: $140,693

Biggest Live Win: $12,706

Player Details: It was a coinflip when we had to consider to have have this poker player in the list of notable names. But let's not forget, he might be the owner of The Festival Series, and might pretend he is the biggest fish out there, he is a pure mixed games specialist. Mixed games are rising, but still with lower fields comparing to Hold'em, ideal for Franke as he loves to play sit 'n goes! Whenever you have him on your table, don't fall into the trap of his speeches, just keep reraising him whenever you can, he will eventually lay down his cards! One riddle is there still to solve, will he even arrive in one piece in Bratislava? As a result of a lifelong battle between him and his companion Mauritz Altikardes, they have to travel by bike from Vienna to Bratislava! On your bikes gentlemen!

Oystein Brenden

Name: Oystein Brenden


Total Live Earnings: $136,607

Biggest Live Win: $66,021

Player Details: Oystein Brenden got his biggest cash of his poker career during our previous stop in Malta at the Portomaso Casino. The Norwegians are no strangers to capture trophies at The Festival Series, but with a Main Event win it is Oystein who instantly got himself in the Winners' Hall of Fame! Will Oystein go back-to-back for the Main Event win? For sure, it is not to blame on the rail of Norway. We admire the great energy Oystein and his friends are bringing along the ride. Let's see if our artist 'Modernoise' has to make yet another portrait of him!

Tarmo Tammel

Name: Tarmo Tammel


Total Live Earnings: $300,467

Biggest Live Win: $28,307

Player Details: The Estonian community will once again come in big numbers towards The Festival Series. One of the notable names of this fine group of poker fanatics is Tarmo Tammel. Since 2014 we can see the live scores are popping up for Tarmo, while having two great final table finishes this year at live events in his home country. In 2022, he got a runner-up finish at our friends of the Coolbet Open. Be ready folks, in Bratislava there is no doubt that Tarmo won't hold back to add a prestigious trophy to his name!