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  • Poker Bash: 50-Year Anniversary Edition aka “Franke 50 Winters”

Poker Bash: 50-Year Anniversary Edition aka “Franke 50 Winters”

Poker Bash: 50-Year Anniversary Edition aka “Franke 50 Winters”

Reaching the moment in life where you look in the mirror and see someone who is no longer as young as they used to be is something that most of us experience. At that moment, many of us start thinking about life and what has been achieved, experienced, or missed. However, people often forget that although their life may have been varied and exciting, they should focus on what is and what is yet to come.

Based on all of this, the 49th birthday poker tournament of Franke will be held on February 24th in four different poker rooms (PAF, Coolbet, Betfred, GUTS), celebrating both the present and the future with a rich prize pool and plenty of food. Of course, we won't be serving Franke's favorite food, Nutella cake or Surströmming, but we'll cover the prize table with delicious and mouth-watering Malta poker packages together with all our partners. So don't just drool, start licking your lips because February 24th is not far away.


Name: Franke 50 Winter

Online partners: paf, Coolbet, GUTS, Betfred

Starting time: 24.02.2023, 20:30 CET, late reg. 60 minutes, rebuys 90 minutes

Buy-in: 20 euros, unlimited rebuys + add-on

Prize pool: 3x2000€ package GTD

Special Franke 50 Winters 2000€ package includes:

  • NB! Franke 50 winters package is personal. Cannot be sold, given away, or exchanged for monetary value.

Who is Franke? To get the best idea, we asked partners who work with him for their opinions. Here are some of the responses we received.

  • Big O & Linda: " Franke is annoying and a bit crazy but we do have a soft eye towards him anyway. So we at Paf say congratulation and Happy Birthday Frankeaa! "
  • Joss The Boss: " It has always been the case with Swedes that they grow old. Regarding Franke, I feel like time turns back. Happy Birthday Franke and stay young forever"
  • The Danish Dude: "I often think that if Franke moved to my home country of Denmark and applied his energy to wind farms, there would soon be no need for wind. A man whose energy sets things in motion. Happy Birthday, Mr.Poker"
  • Cool Brothers: "Franke is so cool! When we had to come up with a name for our company, we were actually choosing between Frankebet and Coolbet. But then he insisted that the name, in that case, should be Martin Franke von Zweigbergkbet so we had to skip that option."
  • Nick The Brit: "The ideas that come from this man's mind are so lofty and grand that if we turned back time to the 16th century, he would have been burned at the stake as a heretic or sorcerer just for his smallest ideas. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and the poker world is eagerly awaiting Franke. Happy birthday, friend.
  • Sveinny O-Lav: "Much love and greetings from Norway."
  • Uncle Donald:" If I were as rich as my relative Walt Disney from his animation empire, I'm sure Franke would embody my nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie in one character. But since I am not, he is Uncle Scrooge McDuck to me."
  • Mau: "When I was a little boy and I heard a band sing on the radio. That band was Abba and they were rock stars at the time. Years later, I met a man from my own country who, for some reason, already imagined that everyone was a rock star. I still have to remind him often that not everyone is [a rockstar]. Abba is. Well and of course, I am too, but for Frank's birthday, I can say that I'm not."

If you are still looking for an opportunity to travel to Nottingham and give Franke a warm handshake as a gift, this week is the last chance to qualify there. Also, if you are looking for a hotel room for the Malta Festival, you can also find offers for overnight stays on our website.

Dear Franke! The Fictional Team and ABBA will wish you a Happy New Year!

Storyteller: "I am not saying anything, otherwise people might start thinking, that I wrote that song. "

Mike: "And I am not singing today, instead I'll let Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Frida sing. They are ROCKSTARS, just like you Franke."

Brenda: "You are AMAZING!